Oxford IMC 14 December 2011 Meeting Notes

* AP
   * Proposal for alt layout: O. DONE
	 * Bank account: O
	 * What mailing lists should we join: G
	 * Ask M to post novemer notes: G

* Website design discussion 
   * Search definitely move
	 * Change of strapline - o not comfotable with the ideology behind being the media
   * AP: Owen make 100px version of banner
	 * Stick with banner for now, but be open to change.
	 * Wider sidebar
	 * Publish box on one line and a bit more prominent
	 * Events block -- Only show stuff from the next 7 days or the next 3 events
	 * AP: Graham make a mockup of the slidshow with multiple frames
	 * Next indymedia events: Come up with a new idea, or drop
   * v2.0 like, most read, most commented
	 * Ability to filter out non-promoted
	 * Features: For the launch, drop the idea of features entirely. Our newswire isn't mega busy, so the value of features as opposed to newswire posts is not clear. We'll leave features as a selectable option in drupal, but switched off. 
	   We realized that this might be contaversial so we'll make sure to check with other oximcers. We'll include the ability to promote articles, and maybe the ability to filter or order based on 'promotedness' of a post.
   * AP: Graham experiment with breaking news bit at top.
	 * v2.0 what about an api -- RSS, JSON, atom for people to reuse the content. We could make an app
	 * v2.0 Mobile version of site
	 * v2.0 but soon -- how do we moderate blogs?
	 * Feed blocks: make them shorter, fewer columns, redraft blurb
	 * v2.0 review feeds to pull in
	 * AP: G get a decent rss feed from mayday

* Using some sort of stats package

* Features
   * We might write an N30 feature if we can be arsed.

* Newswire
   * Christian life taking over regal
	 * AP: Owen Plebs folk re leafletting fascism they have encountered.

* Fundraising/Outreach

* Next meeting 11 January 2012 19:00

-- PenGuin - 28 Dec 2011
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