Oxford IMC Meeting Notes - 11 January 2011

IMC Bank Account
# There is \xA3199 in the Oxford IMC bank account.
# To access the account we need to change the address and change
signatories (one of the two signatories is no longer active in Ox IMC).
# C & G happy to be new signatories.
AP: O to get address changed and new signatories added.
AGREED: We will donate \xA35 per month to Tachanka (who will host the new

Joining Global Mailing Lists
# G is on the following global IMC lists: process, communications, new
IMC – no other list memberships are required.

New Features
# None of the suggested new features have happened for a variety of
reason. Oh well.

Setting up the new website
A. Banner
# O presented 5 possible designs banner designs. Discussion had, no
conclusions reached on what banner to use.
# New banners have a different tag line. Again no conclusions, but
neither of the two were universally popular.
# Since the meeting, O has posted banners on mailing list.
AP: All to look at banners and think about their preferences.
AP: All to think of good straplines and send to list.

B. Breaking news ('latest') scrolling text
AGREED: Remove this from the site.

C. Slideshow on home page
AGREED: Go with the small slideshow

~ Post-meeting note: B & C have been implemented on the test site.

D. Exchange Feature
# C had a go at this, but the module didn't work well.
# Discussion about level of anonymity needed for the feature.
AGREED: The feature would be nice to have, but shouldn't delay
launching the new site for it.

E. Aggregated Feeds
# O now taking this on. Is working on how the Indymedia feeds will
hide items that the source collective has hidden.
# Once that is done, O will look at how to hide individual feed items
from other Oxford groups.

F. Video uploads
# Still problematic. Transcoding (changing the format of an uploaded
video to one that is used doesn't work).
# Videos that don't need transcoding (i.e. flv format) does work).
# M not willing to spend more time on this. Fair enough.

Moving from the old website
# New hosting agreed.
AP: G to email details of new host to those that asked for it.
AP: J to add Ox IMC on global cities list
AP: J to get a static copy of the current site, and to set up an Rsync
with the new host.

-- PenGuin - 13 Feb 2012
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