- ---------------------------------------------------------- Oxford Indymedia minutes - Wed 8th Feb 2012 - -------------------------------------------

- ----------------------------- 1. Action points 2. Newswire / Features 3. Website: 3.1 Bugtracking? 3.2 Analytics? 3.3 Documentation? 4. Global docs server - -----------------------------

- ---------------------------------------------------------- 1. ACTION POINTS - ---------------------------------------------------------- - -Minutes from last time haven't been published yet. - --Let's just mention action points that people can remember.

- -M has spent hours trying to get video working on new site. It now works in some cases, but not always consistently. Specifically, it should now be able to convert webm, ogg, flv, mov, mp4 formats to flv and play it. Thumbnail creation doesn't work if the video is too short. Up for other people looking at it if they want.

- -O has been working on various feeds issues; some are sorted, some not; see email: http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-oxford-features/2012-January/0128-et.html

- -O has regained some access to bank account. Can now set up standing orders (eg to tachanka) if needed. Still want to add extra signatories though.

- ---------------------------------------------------------- 2. NEWSWIRE / FEATURES - ---------------------------------------------------------- - -O hasn't managed to get Plebs folks to write an article about leafletting ban. Will try to prod D.

- -M might do an article on recent film screenings, ie reviews.

- ---------------------------------------------------------- 3.1 BUGTRACKING? - ---------------------------------------------------------- - -How do we want to do bugtracking on new site? - --Something simple. - --Something which allows users to submit bugs, and ideally to also view bugs they have submitted (but not all bugs - security issues).

- -DECISION: We will either tweak the existing system to allow for these permissions issues (if easy to do), or make the existing system inaccessible to users, have an email form and copy + paste bug reports submitted into the bug system ourselves.

- ---------------------------------------------------------- 3.2 ANALYTICS? - ---------------------------------------------------------- - -Do we want to do analytics on new site? If so how? - --Could be useful. - --Could use piwik.

- -Anonymity concerns. - --UA strings can be fairly unique. See: - --- https://panopticlick.eff.org - --- https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2010/01/tracking-by-user-agent - --Piwik has the option of removing last octet of IP address. - --Anonymizing more than that might make stats less useful. - --Could switch off analytics on publish form, if anonymity of article posters is main concern.

- -Seems like there's an inevitable trade-off between analytics and anonymity.

- -DECISION: We don't have enough people at this meeting to make such a potentially controversial decision. But we can launch the new site without analytics if necessary.

[Update - more recent info and discussion here: http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-oxford-features/2012-February/0210-hi.html ...thanks to C's research since the meeting]

- ---------------------------------------------------------- 3.3 DOCUMENTATION? - ---------------------------------------------------------- - -How should we document the structure of the new site for future web dev?

- -DECISION: Continue using current mediawiki. We should mention it to the wider IMC/Drupal community in case it's useful as an example of a working D7 IMC site.

- ---------------------------------------------------------- 4. GLOBAL DOCS SERVER - ---------------------------------------------------------- - -The working group managing the global docs wiki has asked whether it is being used enough to justify keeping it running, suggesting it might be shutdown, or if not, that volunteers are needed to help manage it: http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-docs/2012-February/0204-ft.html

- -We could switch to using our new mediawiki for minutes, resources etc as we currently do with the docs server. Would need to start moving stuff over if docs were being shut down altogether rather than archived.

- -DECISION: Feedback to global that we were using docs server, but are in the process of switching to using our own wiki, so we are OK with the docs wiki being made static, but would prefer it to remain available as a useful archive if possible. - --O to feed this back.

-- PenGuin - 08 Mar 2012
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