Notes from 14 March 2012

Four people present.

1 & 2 - Welcomes & Intros

3. Review of action points from last meeting (5 mins)

O to get bank form

Analytics - Need more discussion due to low numbers. Make concrete proposal? Other platforms? Make proposal with deadline. Ask for specific concerns on list

Mediwiki - M to manage. M&G to arrange.

4. Website stuff 4.1 Going live

What needs to be done before the site goes live? Who's gonna do it? When? Can other things wait for later updates?

# Get update O on feeds # Hiddens module - G # Promoted flags G # Templating work - C # Videos - check media module - C # Tidy views & types - G # Calendar - G

If anything doesn't work, let's switch it off & launch

# Migration - manually transfer last few bits of content # Co-ordinate UK - J to get dump of site. X to switch of Oxford posting on UK. # Promotion / Launch - discuss next meeting

# Getting it on tachanka -

4.2 SSL certs What should we do to get https?

# Buy a cheap one / get a free on? # CACert / self signed give security warning for most people. Not good enough. # Startcom - free & recognised, but based in Isreal - T to check them out # Gandhi - pretty ethical second choice if start are dodgy.

4.3 Social media tie ins? Should we? (e.g. Tweet new content) # Yes - we already have.

5. Association with Tech Tools for Activism (TTfA?) Do we want to associate with TTfA?? (site under construction!)

Several Ox IMCers are actively involved - does Ox IMC want to be a 'formal' part of it?

# Send to list - G

6. Features Anybody got any ideas for new features? # G - Tar Sands # M - has drafted a year of films re: screenings

7. Fundraising Will need to do some if we want to donate to our hosts (and pay for publicity). Ideas? Link in with film screenings? # film screenings?

8. Server sharing with Indymedia Barcelona G - to reply

9. Modding the current site G - to stop modding M to have log in

10. Email inbox Put details on inbox.

11. Screenings next 3 # No Borders - 1 April # Taking on Tarmageddon - 6 May # Pink Floyd The Wall - 3 June

-- PenGuin - 20 Mar 2012
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