2012-04-25 Oxford IMC Meeting Notes

  • Low meeting turnouts making decision making glacial
    • Decision: In future we'll use meetings more for generating proposals. These will come to email, with a deadline, with the hope that it will help us feel we can take decisions
  • Outreach
    • Want to get new sitre launched before putting much effort into outreach
  • New site: Mostly done but a few things waiting
    • Blocker: Hiddens module needs to be installed
      • AP: G to sort
    • Nice, not essential: Video module
    • Feeds
      • Nice to have: Removal of individual posts
      • Nice to have: Birmngham and Sheff stories shouldn't show as imcuk
        • AP G: Will mail B&S to see how much they afre bothered about it.
    • Blocker: Deployment on to tackanka infrastructure
      • Move from test to tachanka
      • Migration from old site
        • C: will look at importing old content into drupal so that it is searchable
    • Blocker: Banner wording - change be the media to make the media
      • AP C: Change wording
      • Send round list if there are objections, launch with no tagline
  • Bank account
    • AP: O get G to sign it
    • AP: O phone N and ask to decide if she wants to remain as a singnatory
  • Features
    • O: Brookes occupy
    • G: Tarmageddon
  • TTFA - we are currently affiliated with http://techtoolsforactivists.net -- is that OK. Meeting felt it was,butshould confirm with list
    • AP: G email list to check
-- CiderPunx - 28 Apr 2012
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