Resetting the OARC Server After a Power Cut / Tripped Fuse

The Oxford Indymedia Calendar is hosted on the OARC server. If the server goes down, the calendar will not work.

- Oxford Indymedia calendar fails to load AND link to calendar fails to load.
- No power to OARC wall-sockets, but the lights overhead come on
- No power to BK Luwo wall sockets
- Master Switch in fuze-box 2 is in the DOWN position (see below).


Contact OARC keyholders either using the OARC mailing list or emailing keyholders [at] Tell them what the problem is, and send a link to this page.

Inspect the fuze-box. It's behind the door in the Ladies' lavatory (look up). There are three panels on the wall:
   ----------         ------------
   | Fuzes 1|         |   Fire   |
   ----------         |  Alarm   |
   | Fuzes 2|

There's a stepladder behind the door. Up you go. Lift the flap on the *lower* fuze panel (Fuzes 2), and check the big master switch on the left (marked "M" in the diagram below).
   |  ----  --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- |
   |  |M |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |
   |                                        |
                     Fuzes 2 

Fuzes 2

When this type of power problem has occurred, the little switches will all be in the UP position (i.e. on); but the Master Switch will be in the DOWN position (off).

- Move the Master Switch to the UP position (on).

That's it - the power's back on. It's that easy.

It takes about a minute-and-a-half for the router to boot up and the internet to come back. Use this time to apologise to all the Ladies you just inconvenienced smile Then check the wall sockets and the internet.

-- PenGuin - 17 Sep 2010 (Thanks to J)
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