Outreach Plan

A place to brainstorm and list outreach ideas, then hopefully to identify people or teams who will take each thing on and make it happen!

[One thing I think we could do is those skills-based workshops on a Saturday morning in OARC. One thing I'm keen to do for example would be a 'learn about Linux' workshop where you get to take away an old machine with Linux on it. We did this in Bristol and it was quite successful in getting people involved, especially those from economically, socially disadvantaged backgrounds or those from black and ethnic minorities.

0n from that I think we could do more of this kind of thing based on very lightweight tech, media activism, using the web to publish your own news, but trying to keep a focus on it being general so as to not isolate members of the community who aren't activists, and even, horror of horrors, read the Daily Mail!...] AS

Could make these very broad - e.g. facilitators who are not IMCers (e.g. I know people who would probably be willing to do video workshops).

Also film screenings (assuming they go ahead with OARC / OxIMC co-branding) - P
  • Attending meetings of grassroots organisations within oppressed communities to start dialogues about how we can work together.
  • Encouraging honest feedback from groups not represented in Oxford Indymedia about what the barriers are.
  • personal commitments from collective members not to stereotype or discriminate in how we treat people and the language we use
  • making the welcoming of new members a priority

-- JimJam - 01 Jun 2011
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