How to Promote Oxford IMC events

As an open collective who aims be as inclusive as possible, it is a good idea to promote our meetings and other events widely. Here are some goods ways to do so ...
( Bold should be considered as good as compulsory.)

Email lists

  • Oxford IMC main list - the general Oxford IMC list - imc-oxford [at]
  • Oxford IMC editorial list - Editorial list of Oxford IMC - imc-oxford-features [at]
  • Oxford activism list - Announce list for events in Oxford - oxford-activism [at]


Social media

  • Status Net can be used to promoted events (which will then also appear on Twitter). The 'tweetmaster' will often pick up events from the Oxford IMC calendar - or can be contacted on oximc [at] You can see the Oxford IMC Status Net stream here -

Social life

  • Don't forget you can mention meetings to your friends, random strangers, etc.

Tips & tricks

  • Write descriptions of events without assuming that people know what what Oxford IMC is (i.e. don't use jargon like IMC!).
  • Promote events well in advance (so people that plan ahead get it in their diaries) and again just before the event (so people remember to come).
  • Include a link to the Oxford IMC site in descriptions.
  • Include an end time - people like to know what they are getting in to before they come along (especially if they have other commitments).
  • Try to use a phrase similar to "everybody welcome".
  • Include comprehensive details (treat this like a checklist - it's really easy to miss something off when you already know all the details)
    • Title (e.g. Oxford Indymedia Meeting).
    • Date.
    • Start time.
    • End time.
    • Location (and remember not everybody will know where OARC is!).
    • Longer description, or link to one.
    • Contact information (?).
-- PenGuin - 05 May 2011
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