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Sheffield IMC Links

This is the listing that may be added to the left hand column on the Sheffield IMC site. It has been inspired by the listing on the Portland Indymedia site.

Should we link to political parties? Laura doesn't think we should, Paul posted on this pointing out how the issue is linked to the mission statment and to point out that we can't link to all political parties in Sheffield in response to Steve's suggestion that we link to all political parties, this thread started here.

Steve thinks the list will be too long for including in the left hand column, but Paul thinks long is good.

Should this list be in the margin or a separate page like on the existing UK Indymedia links page?

There is a list that we can copy and check on the Sheffield Mayday link page.

We might be best off using ActionDirectory for this and not Indymedia... that would get around having to decide who is in and who is out...




Labour Movement

Political Parties



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