Dear Friends,

My name is JB (some of you will know me, some of you won't!) and I
have in 2003 due to work obligations and setting up SilenceBreaker
Films been more of a follower of Sheffield's IndyMedia than an
active participant.

However, 2004 promises to be a much more interesting year!
SilenceBreaker Films are a non-profit, funded, local film company,
and we are nearing completion of our first feature, "Tales From

This summer we plan to begin production on our first documentary,
and as this will be entirely about Sheffield's transition from a
"Steel City" into a city of retail and Anglo-American big business
interests, we are throwing it open to any and all of Sheffield's
IndyMedia group for input, research, and support throughout the
year.  We will, of course, credit all those involved (hey, even us
filmmakers aren't really making any money from this - we get travel
passes and that's about it!), and we are more than willing to
promote IndyMedia through the film and its publicity as well, as
we are great believers in non-corporate, grass-roots media (which
is what we are, too!).

I have mentioned this briefly with some of you in the past, such as
Bill, Chris, Mozaz, Dan, et al, and now this project is looming
nearer I felt it is time to throw it open to you properly. I will
also try and make an IndyMedia meeting soon, where you may wish to
discuss this project with me further.



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