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Click on StoryBank to get to the list of topics that have come from the workshops. Within the Bank, feel free to make links to new areas, where peeps can collaborate, store collected info and internet links. But remember to keep it tidy! It's easy for WIKI pages to get out of control...

For those wanting tutorials in using the WIKI, come to the writer's workshop and we'll go through it on-screen.

Dates of WWs

  • All on Tuesdays - one every fortnight
  • All 6-8 pm
  • All in the NCPM (The Drum, Paternoster Row.)

MethodsBank: writing and working on stories

Click on MethodsBank - look at what ideas we've come up with for different approaches to writing and working with others, both in the workshop co-op and 'out there' in the big bad city... [work in progress...]

(Also, here's a link to the latest mock-up of the SheffieldIMCDoItYourself flyer.)

Aims of the workshop

  • To be a co-operative space for people wanting to write about the city of Sheffield.

  • To support each other by sharing ideas and writing and IT skills

  • To learn about Sheffield by writing about it, and in the process to introduce more people to Sheffield Indymedia.

  • To be a forum for ongoing research and more in depth stories, encouraging collaboration.

  • To encourage thorough, evidence-based reporting (in line with the guidelines given below.)

Structure of workshop

  • Initially, we\x92ll meet once every two weeks on the week that Indymedia doesn\x92t meet. However, if anyone wants to start up a new one (say, in a different part of the city) nothing stops them from doing so.

  • Workshoppers are encouraged to write about Sheffield. International or national dimensions to Sheffield stories are obviously welcome \x96 one of the best ways to learn about global issues is through a local lens.

  • Workshoppers will be in a structured, co-operative environment. Workshoppers are free to skip any bit they don\x92t want to be at. It will consist of:

  • 1. For anyone new to the group, a quick outline of Indymedia, how to publish, and how the \x91features\x92 column works.

  • 2. Talk about what\x92s going on in Sheffield (half hour?) This will include a quick glance through the mainstream media for the region. Hopefully, people will bring stories they\x92ve found during the week. These could include non-Sheffield stories, if it makes us think about Sheffield in a valuable way. We\x92ll focus on \x96

    • What stories are good, or at least make us think about something that hadn\x92t occurred to us?

    • What stories are bad, and why?

    • What is missing? (E.g. whilst drug problems are reported, how much analysis is there / who is blamed?)

  • 3. Talk about ideas everyone has for stories they\x92d like to work on, events they\x92d like to report on, people they\x92d like to go and talk to. Include an update on previous work. Someone can be taking these down to keep in an \x91ideas bank\x92 on the Sheffield IMC WIKI.

  • 4. Writing and reading: If there\x92s access to PCs, some can write up / research work. Others who have writing already can ask for work to be checked over by someone else for comments. Also, if people want to work together on researching a particular issue for a story / feature, this should be encouraged. (E.g. \x91you go and talk to x about the incinerator, and I\x92ll try to phone Onyx and see what they think about the UN\x92s ban on Dioxins.\x92)

Outside the workshop\x85

  • When workshoppers are out and about, doing Indymedia stuff, they should do the following:

    • Tell the people they talk to for stories about Indymedia \x96 if possible, show them on a PC. If not, give them a leaflet:

    • tell/show them where the story they\x92re working on will appear (newswire)

    • tell/show them the publish button, so they know how to write their own.

    • Tell/show them the comment button, so that when the story appears they can add to it.

Workshop ethics:

  • There are different kinds of writing, and the WW hopes to encourage diversity of style. This can include parody & creative writing, as long as they still fit in with IMC guidelines.

  • However, when producing writing with factual content, we should -

  • ... strive to encourage fair and accurate writing.

  • ... not express comment and conjecture as established fact. Comment and opinion is fine, but make it clear that it\x92s just that \x96 opinion.

  • ... not distort the truth through falsification or misrepresentation.

  • ... respect each other, work co-operatively, and share skills.

-- DanOlner - 15 Jun 2004
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