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This site collects tech documentation and projects, see also the IMC UK Tech email list.

IRC Meetings



Servers and hosting

Discussion about where to host a new UK publishing server and what kit to get:

Mir Resources is run using Mir, the templates for the site are hosted on Codecoop. is a dedicated website to develop and implement the MIR code. Mir coders have their own mailing list and hang out on, #mir.

New regional site IMC UK set up

If you want to set up a new region on the site see the UkDevMirSites page which documents how to create a new regional site (experienced Linux users see also UkDev2 for the docs for a install of a dev site) on the UkDevServer. Once the templates for your region are working OK on the development server they can be deployed on the production server. See also UkMirRegionalPagesSetupHOWTO.

Working Document: Making the UK topic for the newswire, features and startpage UkMirUkTopic

Dev server

Info about the UK Mir development server, pulp, can be found here: UkDevServer, see also: UkDevMirSites

CVS Repository for UK site and regions

All the configuration files and templates for the UK Mir setup are in CVS on codecoop:

Instructions for using codecoop: UkDevMirSites#Using_a_codecoop_account

A proposed policy for branching this CVS repository is here: UkTechCVSPolicy.

Active to Mir migration

The best point to start with is probably init's excellent pdf of the mir file structure on Also see UkMaintenance, especially:

Imc UK's move from UkActiveToMir is documented on UkMovingToMir, for tech details see UkActiveToMirTechHowTo.


Somewhere to explore encryption ideas: UkCrypto


There are several UK domain names,, and we should document how this is set up on a UkDns page.


There is a UkEmail page where the aliases are being sorted out.


How to set up a mirror: UkMirror

Standards and Resources

Political/Tech Debates



  • ImcUkMp3Recorders / Looking at good quality audio devices that (should) run on linux

Old Stuff

Proposal 20 May 03: transfer stuff from UkMirTimeline and UkMirDesign to ImcUkTech? And add a sentence that boundaries between techs and non techs are blurred. And link the entire UkMovingToMir site to the archive?

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