Important things I'd like to see in my dream us.indy site are:

  • a tailored design for a (hopefully) tailored code
  • a manually uploadable features column much like the global site
  • a newswire that syndicates features from all participating IMCs
  • a categorized newswire (news, commentary, announcements, etc)
  • a categorized archive by issue (environmentalism, racial profiling, war on the poor, prison industrial complex, anti-border actions, etc)
  • an media gallery (much like cancuns's with easy to find rich media files) or pages dedicated to inter-imc video, audio, photo and print work
  • a chat room
  • a calendar
  • a "how to get involved in or otherwise support your local imc" directory
  • a web store where you can get Indymedia movies, subscribe to Indymedia print publications, make donations, etc.
  • a links page to non-imc radical media groups
  • a prominent link to A Guide for Indymedia authors to encourage US-based indymedia contributors/readers to improve the content of the English-language version of the Wikipedia. Wikipedia (for synthesis of old news) and Indymedia (for new news) are complementary, but the Wikipedia bias in favour of the internet-connected population implies that it could be improved a lot if more Indymedia people helped bring more Wikipedia articles into coherence with reality.
  • a prominent link to wikipedia pages which describe modern American history, in the sense of all of America - North and Latin America - including
  • what is common throughout the whole continent of wiki/America
  • positive - hope for new lives, creativity, breaking with old traditions and religious and economic persecution
  • negative - genocide, slavery, institutionalised racism
  • links to wikipedia pages such as the following (WARNING: as of 25.09.2003, at least some of these are highly inaccurate and misleading and you're likely to be extremely angry when you read them - if so, just click on edit and correct them! If people change your changes, click on the "Discuss this page" and find out how to obtain consensus on the page.)
  • History of the United States
  • History of the United States (1776-1865)
  • History of the United States (1865-1918)
  • History of the United States (1918-1945)
  • History of the United States (1945-1964)
  • History of the United States (1964-1980)
  • History of the United States (1980-present)
  • Demographic history of the United States
  • Military history of the United States
  • This would require work by US indymedia people to correct all the inaccuracies and distortions in the present versions of these wikipedia pages and to justify the corrections to people who are ignorant - but it would be well worth it. It would in some sense transfer some of the nationalism worries away from "direct" indymedia responsibility to wikipedia responsibility, while encouraging indymedia readers to participate in wikipedia. Since any indymedia activist with internet access can contribute to the wikipedia, this makes sense - there's no point in indymedia trying to replace wikipedia, we have complementary roles in information distribution.
  • By whatever method, the features and newswire should be fresh all the time with little or no editorial process other than individual decisions.

added by Ryan from TNIMC:
  • Better support for multiple languages
  • Automatically detect what language the user's browser it set for and display the appropriate interface (see Google for an example).
  • patch for this is on imc-us-tech list: patch email
  • Alternately, provide a way to manually switch between an English and Spanish version of the website.
  • dada has had this for some time - see
  • Also see topbar, which includes a little javascript for switching languages
  • Provide tools to automatically translate news articles?
  • Note that these translations are of dubious quality at best...
  • Improved Media Gallery
  • Galleries associated with specific events/issues rather than general topics
  • A media editor system rather than open publishing
  • Media editors will have editorial control over media galleries (to prevent abuse)
  • Non-editors will be able to submit media for the editors to consider posting
  • Admins will need an interface to create and delete media editors

Concerns raised:

* nationalism * See an analysis here NewImcUSProcess#concerns * see suggestions above for a prominent link to wikipedia pages on America and USA history

* BilingualSite

* That the phrase in the outreach statement, "Additionally, the outreach group would contact other independent media organizations (especially those in areas where there are no IMCs) to spread the word about the US-IMC website" be changed to "Additionally, the outreach group would contact other independent media organization (especially those in areas where there are no IMCs) to encourage mutual aid and support, collaboration, and to invite input and support to the US-IMC website," so that the process is more reciprocal.

* ParticiPation from syndicated sites

* That there be a clearer explanation of the process of human involvement in decision-making within IMC US. If it is not to be a purely automatic syndication site, then the process of feature-writing and sorting of features should be made more clear and should include direct participation from representatives of all of the sites syndicated, with provisions for broad democratic participation, for example by providing for periodic face-to-face meetings based regionally.

* That the IMC-US list be made more accessible to broad participation of Indymedia volunteers by linking to the IMC-US internal list from the site", placing founding documents on Wiki pages at, and encouraging broader participation in the list.

* That the site layout be changed so that the syndication newswire header reads, "collected features from participating Indymedia Centers within the US," rather than just, "Collected from the IMC Network".

* That wherever the official site text and documents make reference to "America" "American" or "Americans," these be changed to "United States" and "US and US-territory residents."

* OpenPublishing

* That inasmuch as the site layout and feature selection are influenced by human decision-making, the coordinators emphasize cross-border collaboration, such as projects of the Northeast North America grouping, border camps, the current realities of the impact of US policy on the rest of the world and especially Latin America, and other trans-border issues.
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