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<muna> aw shit
<muna> come on now. hustle up. it's 11:01.
<muna> oh man. ya'll gonna have me sitting here looking at porn all night?
<muna> 11:09.
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<muna> betsy! thank god.
<betsy_stl> why?
<muna> all the boys in here won't say a word.
<betsy_stl> damn!
<betsy_stl> aren't we supposed to be having a meeting?
<muna> (and none of the girls or queer folks either)
<muna> oh we having a meeting.
<betsy_stl> this is it?
<muna> let's give it a few more minutes... long enough for me to fix th broken links in the apoc feature.
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<bht> hi john
<john> hey is there a meeting now?
<betsy_stl> hopefully
<muna> indeed there is.
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<muna> alright. everyone here for the meeting say...
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<muna> "i rock"
<muna> i rock.
<muna> come on now.
<muna> hey is that john duda over there?
* bht notes that muns rocks
<john> i rock
<bht> and john
<muna> my favorite person in the whole world?
<john> muna: yes it is
<muna> ha. excellent.
<muna> betsy?
<muna> ibm?
<muna> david?
<betsy_stl> yea?
<muna> ecr?
<muna> hep?
<muna> kamiaki?
<muna> mahtin?
<muna> mtoups?
<muna> zogren?
<betsy_stl> i think that the four of us are it
<muna> alright, fablous four.
<bht> four>?
<mtoups> ?
<bht> then i guess we can get something done@!
<muna> it's 8 minutes to half past eleven.
<muna> agenda?\
<mtoups> oh this is a meeting?
<bht> ,toups, get out of here.
<betsy_stl> no, come stay
<mahtin> meh?
<mtoups> well carry on with the meeting either way
<mtoups> i just got home from a long day so i probably won't participate much
<betsy_stl> doesn't matter, i'm going to be going to bed soon, chat for a few PLEASE happy
<muna> save your long days for after the revolution!
<muna> agenda, now!
<mtoups> muna: btw we are setting up raid on the new box and almost finished today
<muna> yes! score! thank you matt!
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<muna> alright, i promise no more exclamation marks.
<muna> bradley!
<mtoups> heh
<bradley> hello
<muna> seriously, that's it.
<john> hi bradley
<bradley> hi!
<hep> yes?
<muna> hep! excellent.
<muna> now we have hep and bradley and a meeting for sure.
<muna> i drove across town to be here, am sitting in my dark office and everything.
<muna> let's make this good.
<betsy_stl> GO!
<bradley> is there a plan of action then?
<muna> agenda setting right now.
<muna> what ya'll want?
<bradley> a go around to see how things are going in relation to indy.us
<bht> i really dont think i will be here for this gathering
<muna> can we go more specific than that?
<bradley> sure
<muna> just chime in when you can. bht.
<bht> i think i have made my feelings about indy.us and my participation in its direction celar!
<john> i'd like to talk about short-term and long-term plans for coordinated coverage ....
<bht> oh, my computer is away for repair, and i am on the house computer, so i wont even be near it once i leave!
<muna> okay.
<muna> hm,
<bradley> i like the coordinated coverage idea
<muna> things previously suggested:
<muna> outreach update
<muna> coordinated coverage
<muna> editorial policy
<muna> collaborative features
<muna> further visioning.
<bradley> mission statement was also mentioned on the list
<muna> okay. mission statement.
<bht> hah.
<muna> i like the check-in idea.
<bradley> sorry i was late, do we know who is here? muna i take it you will help facilate me.... us again (-:
<bht> the check in idea is great, i can be here for that and maybe only that
<muna> okay. check-in/roll-call time.
<muna> check-in question:
<muna> how you feeling about indy.us? specifically last five features -- their content, the process of making them features.
<muna> go.
<muna> so..
<muna> start at the top of the list.
<muna> betsy.
<betsy_stl> yip
<muna> (anyone with an answer right now feel free to chime in while betsy types)
* john raises
<betsy_stl> what am i supposed to be typing?
<betsy_stl> oh, i get it
<betsy_stl> hold on
<muna> john...
<muna> i'm not a third grade teacher.
<john> i liked working on the minuteman/border feature
<muna> ah. excellent.
<john> it was more satisfying to have people coming together over irc and the list pulling related things from different imcs and connecting the dots than it is to just hit promote on some article
* betsy_stl raises hand happy
<john> other than that, i don't have much to say
<john> done
<muna> (still not third grade teacher)
<betsy_stl> i know the flag.blackened.net story isn't exactly what us.imc is visioned as [by some] but i like the idea that peeps can pull their own stories together and we can collectively agree for it to be a feature
<muna> anything else betsy?
<betsy_stl> although, i think the nyc feature is a perfect example of what we've been doing int he past and i like it very much
<betsy_stl> done
<muna> bht?
<muna> (last five features to jog people's memories arehappy
<muna> 4/05 south east APOC conference
<muna> 4/03 campus anti-war network kicks recruiters off NYU campus
<muna> 4/02 vigilantes swarm border
<muna> 4/01 flag.blackened.net server
<muna> 3/31 uc berkely senate bars military recruiters
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<bht> ca-caw ca-caw
<onto> am i late?
<muna> since bht is now a crow... bradley?
<muna> yes, onto, but not too late.
<bradley> ok, sure
<onto> fuck. don't know the time differences . . .its 10:38 in mexico city
<onto> disculpe
<bradley> i think the 5 features are great and i read all the ones that were there on my radio show on monday
<bradley> the abstracts work very well for radio, which is definately a good thing
<bradley> and one more group of thought...
<bradley> i've been really busy working as a bug reporter since sc-imc upgraded to dadaIMC .99 upgrading the site is taking a lot of time, but overall it is going nicely. there are also people learning to do features and other indymedia stuff for the first time, here in santa cruz. so that has been preventing me from taking the time to outreach to other IMCs.... you know...
<bradley> not to mention there is a ton of activism going on and being published on sc-imc...
<bradley> done, thanks
<muna> david? who never says nothing...
<muna> ecr?
<muna> hep?
<ibm> hi
<muna> hello, ibm in san fran.
<muna> wanna answer the question on the table?
<ibm> this is our intro?
<ibm> remind me happy
<muna> how we feel about the last 5 features on indy.us, and the process of them becoming features.
<ibm> well, i still don't have time to add anything
<ibm> i think they're useful and nice
<muna> terrific.
<muna> kamiaki? mahtin?
<bht> okay, so i think that indys has a lot of responsibility and potential...if it wants to work. to work it is going to necessitate a few more folks getting involved and alot of genrela conversation about vision. refernece my emails and ask question if you need to. i havent really read any of the features and dont really care for indymedia in general as a 'news reporting' webiste, i like the community building aspect and the community related fe
<bht> s. since i am talking to folks that i know, i can sayy that i like all of you, and think you are all good people. but i want to find more good people from other imc's as well. ther eis alot of work to be done that isnt going to reap th ebenefits of having a story featured, the work that needs to be done is creating relationships and understanding each other. it is hard and emotiuonal, but (as i say) if we have a goal and ex[ect to meet it,
<bht> e going to have to face hard truths and emotional encounters and prevail as stronger and better people and (i guess) 'media outlets'...i think that is the end of my intro.
<muna> thank you, bht!
<mahtin> folks here really like the minuteman piece
<onto> why can't imc.us be both? Both a place/network for building relationships and communities towards another world as well as providing radically alternative news for those who aren't "in" the community?
<muna> hold on, onto.
<muna> let's finish up this intro.
<onto> sorry. my bad
<muna> mahtin, anything more?
<mahtin> well i am not even on any us lists
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<muna> okay, mahtin. thanks for adding in. mtoups, you still awake?
<muna> aw shit. no betsy.
<mtoups> sort of but not much longer
<muna> wanna answer?
<mtoups> honestly i haven't thought about the site that much recently, sorry
<mtoups> too many meetings today, i can't think anymore, thanks for asking though
<muna> that's fine. onto, you're up.
<bht> betsy went to bed
<muna> and i'm about to go pee...
<muna> but not before onto and zogren say their piece.
<bht> muna: that might be along time
<onto> i loved the M19 feature, the taco bell one, the minutemen one. not really sure why the flag.blackened.net one should be a us as well as global feature. I was confused about the sdimc version about the minutemen feature. i was hoping to see it up somewhere. havent read the last one yet. But the counter-recruitment one was AWESOME! I sent it outto the counter-recruitment orgs in sd and people loved it. i think the features make great links in o
<bht> onto: they two can be the same, but there is an order and, my experience shows to me that before provinding anythin we have to be somethin. and i like to think of building a community first and then presenting a radical alternative news outlet. i my be alone in imc.us in thinking that, but definately not alone in portland happy
<muna> oh now hold up, bht... onto, you finished your thought?
<muna> and zogren is just a creepy lurker, right?
<onto> thanks bht, reponse late. thats it
<onto> later.
<muna> okay.
<bht> sorry for interruptiong, onto...
<bht> my bad.
<zogren> still reading
<muna> ah! not just a creepy stalker.
<muna> now, what you all want?
<muna> (while i go pee)
<bradley> outreach update
* bht leaves in t - 10 minutes
<bradley> i guess we could look at the nifty wiki docs, but i want deeper feedback
<bht> bradley: i dont think anoy of the folks that have been doing the outreach are here.
<bradley> oh
<muna> ah, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about all the folks who haven't been doing outreach.
<muna> we've still got a list of locals that people need to take on contacting.
* bht has been doing outreach happy
<zogren> if you email local imcs when you use their story that could help people know about the us site. Ive had stuff appear on the us site I wrote and not even noticed for a few days.
<bradley> is the roll page up to date, i'm about to change the font though at the tio of the chart...
* john got the problem that was preventing many sites from linking to us correctly fixed
<bradley> " Current members of the www-features working group:"
<muna> can someone pull up that outreach wiki list?
<muna> zogren, what local do you work with?
<zogren> indybay
<muna> ah... and what features do you speak of?
<bradley> http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/ImcUsOutreach
<zogren> right now on the front page the ucb one
<bradley> hoep you don't mind me speaking up for you z... he collected all these links!!!
<bradley> http://indymedia.us/en/2005/03/5713.shtml
<zogren> I knew about that though
<bht> zogren: indy.us syndiactes the indybay site, as wella s all us sites that have working rss feeds in the contact.indy database
<bht> so itisnt that indy.us used YOUR feature
<bht> but a feature from indybay
<muna> ah. wow. awesome.
<bht> indy.us, as far asi would like to be involved, isnt about individuals, but about collectives.
<zogren> I meant that when a center column story from a site gets added if a site knopws that one of their blubrs is features they may look at the us site more
<zogren> not the the right column, but the us center column
<bht> zogren: all sites that have working rss feeds have their features featured on indy.us
<bht> so, now you know happy
<bradley> i don't own features, i just work on them...
<muna> michael jackson actually have exclusive rights on all features.
<bradley> damn!
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<muna> but anyway.
<bradley> where are we know?
<muna> oh man. lost john.
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<bradley> then we definately need to do outreach!!!
<bht> and, zogren, i am sad that you make a distinction between the columns because, 'why does it matter?'...especially with the indybay features which look the same on the right column or the center column
<mahtin> the decision to syndicate the whole feature rather than a paragraph was one person's idea
<bradley> again, where are we???
<muna> which column does matter, bht.
<muna> and, yes, where are we...
<muna> outreach.
<muna> who wants to take on reaching out to locals no one's gotten in touch with yet.
<bht> as i will continue to say when prodded, indy.us needs to hear visions from everyone about the site. i dont see a difference between synidicated features on the center col;umn or right column, i thinkt hey are of the same importance, and recieve the asame attention from me. so i find it troublesome to hear that folks are concerned where a syndicated story ends uyp.
<bht> 9okay, one minute past.
* john notes that center column stuff does tend to stay immediately visible for longer
<bht> i am going to find myt housemates where they are out at and try to have some fun with my folks here in town.
<bht> hopefully something priductive happens with this meeting!@
* bht out
<john> bye bht!
<onto> i can reach out local imcs, if someone tells me which and who
<bradley> here onto
<bradley> http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/ImcUsOutreach
<onto> cool
<bradley> ok, onto is gonna tackly outreach (-:
<muna> i'm trying to see if this is updated...
<bradley> whats' next?
<muna> oh gosh. i dunno.
* john wonders if anyone is logging....
<bradley> i am
<muna> (logging... though still has no idea how to do that cool asterik thing)
<onto> (me neither)
* muna has figured it out?
<muna> ha!
<muna> rock!
<john> so we've done intro/sound-off, outreach
<john> what's left?
<muna> dude, i don't know. what can this room talk about?
* onto figured it out too
<john> i'd like to see what kind of upcoming coverage we are planning on colloborating on
<onto> good idea
<muna> A162
<muna> is around the corner
<john> for example, is anyone going to dc?
<muna> i will probably be talked into it.
<muna> john, you're just an hour north.
<john> i'll be there...
<onto> list of things: A16, MayDay, MinuteMen/border stories, Living Wage Campaign in CA?, BorderHack 2.005, G8?, more counter-recruitment. . .
<muna> oh geez.
<bradley> road-less summer, biodemocracy,
<john> the border and counter-recruitment ones are really good things for us to keep on top of
<muna> hold up.
<muna> let's make a plan.
<muna> starting with A162... a model for action day coverage, perhaps.
<muna> some kind of schedule, shifts, tasks with volunteers attached to them... all of this, ahead of time.
<bradley> we need to figure out a little bit about who will be in the streets and who will be on IRC and who will do breaking news, etc....
<onto> is this a national event or solely dc? radio updates from radioActive san diego possibly . .
<bradley> A16 Dallas Call To Action: Spank The Bank!
<bradley> http://indymedia.us/en/2005/03/5943.shtml
<bradley> i only know about actions in dc and dallas
<john> if there are multiple imc's doing coverage or lots of solidarity actions
<john> then us-imc has something relevant to do, besides just promoting dc features
<muna> richmond will do something independent of dc.
<muna> (screw those yankees, man)
<bradley> can i interrupt?
<muna> of course.
<bradley> nick just wrote this to the list?
<bradley> so, do we need more support to run the Houston homeless relocation
<bradley> story - or can anyone put it up?
<bradley> Peace
<bradley> Nick
<bradley> how do we reply???
<muna> well, they'd don't need more support, the feature can go up, someone just needs to do it.
<muna> i just posted that apoc feature a few hours ago.
<bradley> "someone just needs to do it"
<bradley> how can we explain to people, like nick, to JUST DO IT?
<bradley> am i off topic???
* onto is confused. who's nick?
<bradley> since i interupted (-:
<muna> does nick have admin ability?
<muna> no.
<muna> did he say he wanted it?
<bradley> if he works with a local IMC, and wants to promote an article, i really think he should have an admin
<muna> write him and say that.
<bradley> unless you are part of small IMC and you are stretched too thin, then local IMCs need to have people to promote features... HiMC is certinaly seems to fit that bill
<onto> is there a process for getting admin status, posting features, etc.? (off topic?)
<muna> houston is syndicated?
<muna> the process is you ask me, bht, or john, as we are the three people who have the ability to add people.
<muna> i, though, just got this ability and have no idea how to use it.
<bradley> houston is syndicate,d there is sorta a process for features...
<bradley> the process is either promte them yourself, or ask others what they thick about it
* onto kindly requests such status
<muna> john, you still here?
<muna> can we hook onto up right now?
<john> yeah, onto
<john> personaly i like to ask, sometimes it might turn out that people have interesting links to add from a different imc
<bradley> i'm with you on that one john
<john> i also think it gives us a sense of who is paying attention to the site and the list
<muna> alright... lemme see if i can figure out how to set up onto as a us admin.
<onto> got it already
<muna> ha!
<muna> man.
<muna> john!
<muna> you are a snake in the grass!
<muna> alright, i proprose that onto make the houston piece a us feature.
<muna> right now.
<onto> alright ill try
<bradley> second that
<muna> and someone.. um, bradley?... write to nick and say that:
<muna> 1) he, or someone else from houston ought answer roll call
<bradley> no, onto can say it is posted
<muna> 2) he, or that someone else should get admin ability.
<bradley> ok, i can say what i said here to nick.
<muna> ha, onto, like all this new responsibilty?
<onto> love it
<onto> we're we talking about upcoming national stories etc. . .
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<muna> uh oh.
* onto [~pjirc@dsl-200-78-0-45.prod-infinitum.com.mx] has joined #us
<onto> oops
<muna> whew.
<onto> so much responsiblity crashed my irc
<muna> alright okay it's 10 to 1 fucking AM over here.
<john> our "mission statement" needs work.
<john> we need to explain our wonderful vision (non vision?) of a network of local imcs, synthesizing stories of national relevance
<john> probably say something about the relevance of independent media in the belly of the beast
<john> etc.
<onto> mention something about de-americanizing the global.indy site or no?
<muna> holp up, guys. it's late, i've got a killer headache and would love to compose mission stuff later.
<john> i agree. maybe we can put up a wiki page with the current statement so people can hack away at it
<muna> yes. amen. excellent idea.
* onto can't find the houston story. maybe the houston rss feed is broken/slow?
<muna> can we wrap up this collaborative upcoming coverage stuff?
<john> ah it's already there: http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/ImcUsMission
<john> muna: sounds good
<muna> john, ya wanna send an email to both lists asking them to hack away at the mission statement?
<john> muna: sure
<muna> who wants to send an email to both about planning A162 coverage?
<john> i will also send out an email about a16 coverage, asking who's doing what locally or in dc
<muna> let's hear it for super john!
<muna> i'll help follow up with that.
<onto> woohoo
<muna> i'll post this log and write an email with summary and next meeting reminder.
<muna> onto's having some problems with the houston piece.
<john> https://us.indymedia.org/us/servlet/Mir?module=Content&do=edit&id=4527&returnurl=where%3D%2528lower%25...
<muna> let's get that taken care of before we jet.
<john> ooh..that's ugly.
<john> the gist is, if this is the same story nick was talking about, it's quite old,
<john> and it was already promoted, at the beginning of february, by betsy
<onto> on the HIMC site, theres a FNB story up about homeless relocation i think
<john> aha.. a new feature
<john> ok, here it is: https://us.indymedia.org/us/servlet/Mir?module=Content&do=edit&id=6095&returnurl=where%3D%2528lower%25...
<john> a nice way to find stories is to use the search at the bottom of the admin....for example i just put houston in the search field, and set search where? to author...
<onto> done
<john> onto: you should use the promote buttons, or, if you want to use the drop-down, set the article type to promoted local feature
<bradley> i emailed nick that the article has been promoted and sent some other thoughts along as well
<john> ok, i have to leave....it was really nice talking to you all, and hopefully i'll see some of you in dc (or at least on the a16 irc)
<onto> adios
<bradley> i'll see you in IRC, have a good night
<muna> john, i definitely hope we see each other there.
<muna> so, onto, how's it going?
<onto> good. there's no picture with the new feature. Is that houstons fault?
<onto> i can add it later
<bradley> we can add this image
<bradley> fencecrop.jpg
<muna> we can do it now.
<onto> done
<muna> excellent.
<muna> man, onto's good. i say we make him do all the features.
<muna> (or her)
<onto> my gender is onto
<bradley> i added this, cuz houston updated their feature:
<bradley> (((Audio))) look back by KPFT Local News..............
<onto> anything else? sleep? future colloborations . . ?
<bradley> just so you know, you can check to see if the local IMC has updates.....
<onto> cool
<muna> i vote for sleep.
<muna> anyone wanna say anything else before i post this log?
<bradley> no, you can't sleep, you must organize
<onto> nice meeting yall
<muna> i'm gonna organize the shit outta some zzzzs.
<bradley> when is the next meeting....
<muna> third sunday this month, 4pm eastern.
<bradley> april 21
<bradley> http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/ImcUsFutureMeetings
<muna> nah. april 17.
<bradley> ok, good luck organizing all those zzzzzs
<muna> it's definitely the 17th that day.
<bradley> sunday is the 17th, i'll change the wiki
<muna> shit. i think i got another meeting.
<muna> plus, that's A162 weekend.
<onto> not sure if i can make it either
<muna> needs to be changed?
<bradley> we should figure this out soon, get to bed if you're tired
<muna> alright. bed.
<muna> end of meeting.

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