possible agenda items:

site design
tech update and tech support for local IMCs
working on collaberation features
themes of coverage for local IMCs and Indy.us (similar to http://cmrn.net)
newswire: promoting articles from the open-publishing neswire to the center column and hiding articles on the newswire.
discussion topics for the Allied Media Conference
ImcUsOutreach checkin

asad i want to add something to the agenda

asad Adding other IMCs to indymedia.us

asad North Texas would like to be added

asad someone mentioned on the list puerto rico?

bradley has NT IMC seen this?

Please read our new syndication faq

asad they passed it on to me verbally at the critical mass ride

asad last month

bradley maybe you can pass that on via email???

asad i will talk to them again friday

asad it is easier if i do it in person

bradley well, just tell them to check it out. it is posted above the right column

asad i will print it out

asad okay

bradley or, have them send an email to: imc-us@ucimc dot org

asad ok

Meeting Log:

[20:11] bradley hi emily

[20:12] asad if no one else is going to show up....then???

[20:12] emily hey bradley, hows everything going in here

[20:12] emily lets get going

[20:13] asad ok...

[20:13] asad bradley, didn't you have a tenative agenda?

[20:13] emily its on the wiki

[20:13] asad can someone give me a link (my e-mail is down frown, sad smile )

[20:14] emily site design

[20:14] emily tech update and tech support for local IMCs

[20:14] emily working on collaberation features

[20:14] emily themes of coverage for local IMCs and Indy.us (similar to http://cmrn.net)

[20:14] emily newswire: promoting articles from the open-publishing neswire to the center column and hiding articles on the newswire.

[20:14] emily discussion topics for the Allied Media Conference

[20:14] emily ImcUsOutreach checkin

[20:14] emily that's the agenda

[20:14] emily http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/ImcUsMeeting2005June7

[20:14] bradley thanks emily

[20:15] bht shit

[20:15] emily yep. anybody have anything else? if not, lets set a time limit and then run down the list to see who is actually here for a meeting

[20:15] asad aww, bradley posted our conversation?

[20:15] asad yeah...i never met with them

[20:16] emily nothing else for the agenda?

[20:16] bht AMC!

[20:16] emily smile thats on there bht

[20:16] asad can i propose that be last...

[20:16] bht okay.

[20:16] bht why so i'll stay, asad?

[20:17] emily amc last? that sounds fine..

[20:17] bradley is on there, bht

[20:17] asad well

[20:17] asad i dont have much time, and i wont be at amc anyways frown, sad smile

[20:17] bht hah

[20:17] emily ok i want to propose that we check in at 12:30 EST and if we are still talking, decide how much longer to go

[20:17] emily its 11:17 right now

[20:18] bradley sounds good to me

[20:18] * asad twinkles (and notes he has to leave in 30 minutes)

[20:18] emily ok great

[20:19] emily so can everyone just give an 'aye' if there are here for the meeting

[20:19] emily and is someone logging? and then posting to the wiki?

[20:19] asad aye!

[20:19] bradley aye am here for the meeting

[20:20] asad bht was saying something about logging...

[20:21] emily ok, bht are you going to do that?

[20:21] bht i hadnt planned on it. i am logging and can do it though.

[20:21] emily sweet

[20:21] emily is it just the four of us then?

[20:21] bht i also hadnt really planned on being a part of this meeting.

[20:21] emily of course you hadnt

[20:22] emily well this isnt much of a meeting then. i've got hbo here if nobody else is speaking up

[20:23] asad let's do it!

[20:23] asad first item:

[20:23] asad site design

[20:23] asad anyone want to take on that one?

[20:23] bradley let's center it, at least

[20:23] bradley i don't know how to make that happen though

[20:24] asad some browsers it is center...

[20:24] asad firefox isnt

[20:24] emily ok, well centering sounds like a good idea

[20:25] emily none of us can do it though

[20:25] asad maybe that is a question for #mir ?

[20:25] emily mtopper can probably do it

[20:25] emily i dont know if he is actually here though

[20:26] bradley he will not be around for 8 days

[20:26] emily oh..

[20:27] emily ok well anything else we can talk about in regards to site design

[20:27] asad i am fine with how the site looks now, but i will stand aside

[20:28] emily i also want to stand aside on this subject

[20:28] bradley center the site is a fine first step, then we can come back to the issue, i guess

[20:28] asad ok

[20:28] emily ok

[20:28] asad is there anything else on site design? can we consent to move on?

[20:29] emily i think the three of us can consent...

[20:29] emily the next topic is tech related as well....

[20:29] emily maybe we shouldnt bother

[20:29] * asad twinkles

[20:30] bradley i don't feel very confident on the next topic though

[20:30] bradley themes of coverage for local IMCs and Indy.us (similar to http://cmrn.net)

[20:31] emily do you feel confident on any of the topics?

[20:31] asad what about "working on collaberation features"

[20:32] bradley (victoria from austin says hi - were in frsc now)

[20:33] bradley unless there are other people that want to work on indy.us features.... i'm not comitting to anything

[20:33] bradley more than i already do

[20:34] asad what exactly do you want to collaberate on?

[20:34] bradley i don't want to continue being the person that promotes such a large percentage of the local features to center column....

[20:34] asad are you talking about making features or promoting?

[20:35] bradley i'm talking about promoting in those lines before

[20:35] bradley but, about collaberation, here are some ideas:

[20:35] bradley http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/ImcUsWorkPad

[20:36] asad ok, i am down to promoting (as well as creating bradley!)

[20:36] bradley great!

[20:36] asad just not too much regarding a lot of stuff being features goes on here

[20:36] asad so i really feel like i am working on an other locations feature

[20:37] bradley until this IRC room is full of IMCistas from around the country... the case will what you mention, asad

[20:38] bradley i promoted features from all over, not just santa cruz and indybay

[20:38] asad of course

[20:38] bradley people seem to be very thankful too, so you'll get props, which is nice

[20:38] asad but i am talking more along the lines of "creating"

[20:38] baku hey y'all. i'm paying attention now

[20:39] bradley hey baku

[20:39] emily hi baku

[20:39] asad as i saw on the workpad, they are talking about student work...

[20:39] asad no colleges in dallas that are doing anything of the sort

[20:39] bradley asad, try to make a feature proposal from the student resistance pad

[20:40] asad i will be more than willing to help grab information from IMCs, but i just dont feel like that is contributing a whole lot, because anyone can do that.

[20:40] asad but if it is needed

[20:40] asad i dont have a busy calendar

[20:40] bradley but it takes someone to do it, YES, it is NEEDED

[20:40] bradley that is definately contibuting

[20:40] emily asad do it

[20:41] asad ok

[20:41] asad anyone else? wink

[20:41] <-- ali has quit (Quit: ali)

[20:43] bradley anything else?

[20:43] asad can we move on?

[20:43] asad to...

[20:44] asad ImcUsOutreach checkin

[20:44] asad i think...

[20:44] emily sure

[20:44] asad ok

[20:44] bradley i have not done any direct outreach, sorry

[20:44] asad north texas wants to be syndicated...

[20:45] asad but questions arise..

[20:45] bradley did you print it out for them, the FAQ?

[20:45] asad will Osailt work on mir?

[20:45] asad (no bradley, i wasnt able to get out to denton)

[20:45] asad i just e-mailed them though

[20:46] emily theres still about 21 locals that need outreach

[20:46] <-- baku has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)

[20:47] asad i will keep you all updated on the ntimc situation

[20:47] emily a bunch of the dada sites are having trouble with syndication

[20:48] bradley i need to sign off for about 10 minutes

[20:48] <-- bradley has quit (Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511])

[20:48] emily well asad now its just you and me

[20:48] asad that was strange...he just kind of left for 10 minutes?

[20:49] asad anyways

[20:49] emily yep i think this meeting is over

[20:49] asad ok

[20:49] emily if bht can log what we have said, i will compile an email tomorrow and mention the things that we couldnt move forward on

[20:49] emily with site design and what not

[20:50] asad alright

[20:50] asad i am going to head off to the studio, i might jump on irc...we will see

[20:50] asad bye emily, bht

[20:50] emily and then hopefully we can continue these conversations through email
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