betsy yehaa! meeting time [in a few minutes] betsy hi john bradley i just added some links to the mayday wiki pad mahtin what is this meeting, i didn't know there was a meeting bradley what list are you on mahtin?

are you on this list? imc-us -->| baku ( has joined #us bradley be sure to join this list bradley i've sent out three emails about the meeting mahtin dude i am on so many fucking lists bradley i guess i should have CCed imc-us-editorial mahtin i can't get on another bradley join one more for imc-us, yes you can bradley well, obviously we need to figure that out. which lists people should join and how we should use them betsy this is hte party meeting smile we're planning a party at the white house betsy it's called the revolution and YOU ALL are invited!!! mahtin well, have a good meeting betsy nooooo,don't leave mahtin i am still waiting for updates from jeff p for the military resister story mahtin i don't think lotus's should be a separate center column thing- i think it should be parto f the one i am doing mahtin that's my thoughts mahtin i have to go get junkfoodahold bradley yeah, that is why i sent that to you mahtin oops junkfoodahol mahtin i saw it this am mahtin and my acct is 99.2% full bradley i agree the sd info should go into the feature you write mahtin i guess i could deal with the fullness now bradley i added mayday links here bradley so, this works:

but this goes to bradley why? john bradley: clear your cache bradley who is here for a meeting? nyc_josh me, sort of bradley ok, i will clear all nyc_josh have to multitask john i am here for a meeting. the west coast better represent, it's pretty late here... bradley thanks, john, much better, glad to see nyc-imc again. and, hi josh, multitask is cool, thanks bradley who chose this time again? mahtin yah, 5pm makes a lot more sense mahtin ok i am out bradley if this time does not work, then..... -->| sarsnic ( has joined #us bradley how about 6pm PST and 9pm EST? john hey sarsnic bradley what about atlanta and austin. are they back up? sarsnic hey whats up bradley people here so far to meet, from what i can tell:

bradley john josh - sorta sarsnic betsy betsy's here bradley good betsy but am tired too bradley how about 6pm PST and 9pm EST? next time? betsy ahhh,,, i like that idea smile bradley motion passes bradley i'm joking bradley but, if it works for other people, it works for me too bradley it is 8:15 bradley time is ticking bradley people are tired bradley anyone want to log this meeting? bradley do we want a facilitator? do we want to propose agenda items? outreach was mentioned. or, shall we work together on a nice may day feature? sarsnic I block sarsnic j/k |<-- betsy has left (Quit: CGI:IRC) john i like a working meeting, with some updates on outreach john i'm specifically interested in dead imc's, and what we can do to help them bradley that rocks, i'm with you john sarsnic I got a list together of dead imcs a while ago bradley can you pull that up again? sarsnic yeah john is austin still down ? frown, sad smile bradley shall we pick an order to work on these three topics? or sorta all at once (-: i'll try either way sarsnic this was the imcs that happened to be dead in december nyc_josh define dead bradley no features in three months nyc_josh that's a good measure sarsnic sarsnic and some didn't come up at all - I am sure some have been revived bradley john, how can we best help them? how can i help. bradley a friend of mine, a sc-imc techie, offered to help betsy out with stl-imc, for a couple hours to get her square on stuff (-: bradley i guess they will be using dada nyc_josh in some instances, they might not need help. they might need to go dormant sarsnic victoria wanted help and it appears they got it bradley anyone want to log this meeting. you can vote for me to do it (-: bradley but i don't volunteer to do formatting john nyc_josh: that's what i'd say.....we should be trying to do triage, finding out why sites are dead, suggesting really dead sites go dormant, and figuring which sites need help, and getting help there, either virtually or in person nyc_josh that sounds like a healthy auditing process nyc_josh dormant could mean site is still up, but with a notice and open publishing turned off john yeah, ideally turned into static html that doesn't present a security risk. sarsnic I know there is alot to discuss, but I am a bit interested in the conundrum presented by the belgium disaffiliation request nyc_josh ? bradley sarsnic, that is totally off topic here, sorry john that's quite a shitstorm.... sarsnic yeah thats cool sarsnic sorry smile bradley it would be good for you send an email to imc-us to let people know about the various list for indymedia global process. bradley if you want, that would be helpful, i think. or, for anyone to do it bradley so shall we try to dig up contact info for the various imcs which may desire help? john yeah, i don't think we should supplant the established process, but try to help out bringing stuff to its attention john john i think i got all the counterrecruitment stories so far, but please feel free to add some.... john oops i missed the bronx bradley some links are in the edit, but not on the page. is it me again? bradley the link to sc was missing a quote. it is ok now, thanks john john thank you bradley i can work on trying to find contact info for 'dead imcs' if that would be helpful now bradley or, updating the list sarsnic made, yeah, i'll do that bradley i want to update this page at the same time. do you have an updated list, john? bradley of IMCs syndicated to bradley if, not, no big deal nyc_josh it would be nice to have that list - of which us imcs are syndicated to the site - on the site (maybe at the top of the cities list) bradley well, i'll update it now bradley thanks josh john hmmm.... john i wonder if i could automate it somehow..... bradley and i'll kick back, thanks! john i have a list of feeds, but not all the feeds work john so it's a matter of going through logs and looking at error messages.... john ideally there would be a checkmark next to the imc on the cities list. bradley i can just update the list by memory and by checking the site and admin interface bradley or, if you want to dig through the logs and think it would be quicker bradley i'll work on updating now (-: bradley john, are you sending me info on IMCs that have a working feed to |<-- baku has left (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)) john the student resistance thing is coming along.... john i can't find an indy link for the emerson walkout, and i dont' feel qualified to write the tent state part john bradley...i'll trade you....i'll make the working feed list if you summarize tent state smile mark i think we should add functionality to contact.indy to check if feed URLs exist, validate, and put link/title/description into database -->| ali ( has joined #us |<-- ali_away has left (Read error: Connection reset by peer) john mark that is a great idea! bradley hi mark, great to see you round here bradley as long as we are talking about the ciites list, can we move the "projects" and "regional IMCs" to the top? they are automatically the bottom of the sc-imc city list mark i dont really know any good way to validate aside from mark the results could be parsed for

Congratulations, Warning or Sorry (for errors)

john probably the easiest way to do it...shame they don't have an api mark well i can download it and install it mark i guess that would be way faster if we wanted to validate all feeds at once mark it is python mark we could validate all feeds and then have nice little smiley faces, frowney face etc. mark maybe we could have a cronjob validate all feeds once a day and send erros and warnings somewhere john it would be also cool to note the most recent entry mark trying to syndicate open publishing is a mess, i've found almost every known illegal character in indybay's newswire feed nyc_josh that would make doing the audit a hell of a lot easier john many feeds validate, but are very very stale (i.e. missing cronjobs) nyc_josh I mean, if there could be some sort of automated notice that went to a list when an imc hadn't published a feature for a month john i have some code that cleans feeds up. we could even install that on contact.indymedia and attempt to automatically clean up bad feeds nyc_josh then you can check to see if it's a tech issue or a human resource issue bradley can anyone help get the audio from SC-IMC syndicated to radio-imc, by chance???? I asked spud for the syndication info, but have not heard back. is this something that you can help with mark? john the code also does some badass screen scraping that turns minimal feeds into full content feeds automagically mark cool. i have some decent code in indybay based on actual characters we came across , it is a huge search and replace array(e.g. replace ascii value 1 with nothing) mark but i haven't yet merged into sf-active mark i don't know how people end up with those control characters when they post mark bradley i think there is a standard url for audio syndication in dada mark check radio.indy and see if corresponding url works on sc.indy bradley it was working when we had dadaIMC dada .98, but since our upgrade to .99 almost 2 months ago, we have not been syndicating mark is the url there and not updating? maybe u don't have the right cronjob john mark: tidy does a decent job cleaning up's what my script uses, along with a screen scraping perl thing called "nexus" bradley i think the URL for audio syndication that worked before is no longer working mark does tidy get rid of all the control characters? mark bradley i don't know jack about dada. if the url is gone then there must be a new url. if so then we can apply it to the radio.indy site bradley thanks mark, i'll keep trying to figure out the new URL mark looks like all the dada sites on radio.indy have /audio.xml john mark: i may be wrong....i thought i was using tidy to clean up the feed, but it turns out i'm just using it to clean up the scraped html mark so either the cronjob doesnt have permission to create that file or the cronjob doesnt exist mark u need to ask spud how to get your site to create the audio.xml file mark john: ok. i've found its not so hard to syndicate features, if everyone is using the same character set, you can use php to convert to utf8 easily enough, but with open publishing u somehow tend to get character soup mark so we have this huge array to try to turn windows, mac, utf8, control characters and anything else into valid xml john i'm going to go through that list of non-syndicated imc's and see if i can't get any of them to work bradley right on john i'll also note whether the imc looks dead or not....

-- BradleY - 04 May 2005
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