Current members of the working group:

roll call date working name/nickname email address which imc level of participation, comments............. Admin access?
3/4/05 andy andypie at cleveland.indy Mostly just observing and reporting back to Cleveland. Sometimes I speak up. Cleveland has not decided to syndicate. no
3/4/05 ali ali at I would like to see coordinated coverage on issues other then protests. i.e. a gentrification dossier. I'd like to help design/print t-shirts. I will participate as much as i can but no promises. wants
3/4/05 bht bht at portland.indy I want to see a high level of coordination between us based imc's and more regional action. I can help with folks on setting up admin acct's and learning the admin interface, as well as many other things. I am really excited for more folks to get involved...and i think at some point we should discuss decision making. yes
3/4/05 ana ana at nyc.indy i want to help put features up, want to get imc news into the mainstream consciousness. ;-0 yes
3/4/05 chris chanders_imc at nyc.indy same as ana wants
3/4/05 emily ekearns at I am new to the us.indy working group -- I'm going to start doing list work and I would like to participate in getting features up. I can also coordinate with Ali and others on making shirts. wants
3/4/05 betsy inner_alchemy at i exist only in email. stlimc is down currently which is making me sad and frustrated and un-inspired to do much. but hopefully, once it gets back up, i'll be excited and ready to go again! yes
3/4/05 joe dirtyjoe at arkansas.indy I would like to help more news from rural/non-coastal america make it into projects and help projects make it into mainstream consiousness as was already mentioned. I have two jobs and help when I can. I would also like to use this group to faccillitate a southern/midwestern regional gathering out in the Ozarks sometime this summer wants
3/4/05 ian or ibm ibm at sf.indy Increased coordination amongst US-based IMCs, more pertinent journalistic endeavours, better development and dissemination of Left news. I can only participate in discussions on this list and IRC at the moment, but editorial work might be something I'm interested in sometime in the future. no
3/4/05 asad asad at We need to keep building the US network!! wants
3/5/05 max max at more working with non-IMC independent media (other community/independent media projects that are not 'officially' indymedia). also in the long term a redesign for the site, making it more dynamic and less text-heavy. yes
3/5/05 muna muna at I approach indymedia from an organizing standpoint: the more people posting and using their voice, the closer we are to getting them in the streets, thus all the closer is the beautiful spring day of the revolution when I get to play videogames and ride my bike and eat ice cream all day. The more folks comfortable with technology and capable of using technology to create the world they want, the better and stronger that spring will be (I want good competitors for Tony Hawk games). I have minimal interest in Indymedia being just another alternative news source. I don't want folks to be news consumers, but rather news creators. The extent that US Indymedia makes it clear that this country is actively resisting its authorities is what gets me going. I think you can read the corporate news and have plenty of good reasons to be outraged. I think if you're a women, a person of color, a poor person, or anyone else that's been screwed over again and again, you don't need more media. You don't need to be told what is wrong -- you know it and live it down to every little detail. You need and want some tools to fight with. You want people who will stand up and fight with you. To be task specific: I think the two huge huge problems with the US site right now are that it's not fully translated into Spanish (I'm sorry, I don't speak Spanish, so I can only perphireally help with this) and that not all the US sites are syndicated. Richmond Indymedia still ain't, but we've been working with John to fix this. I promised during that process that once we're on the US line and I understand the process, I would help get in touch with all the other IMCs that aren't syndicated and walk them through the process. About that last point specifically: it sounds like some IMCs in the US are opting out of this project. I'm interested in background about this from whoever feels like talking to me about it. yes
3/5/05 tribal scribl / d.o. valeoftheoaks at wmass.indy Outreach & networking, lots. Participate w/editing team yes
3/6/05 john john at / i want to continue doing the tech work, but i don't want to do it alone, and would really like to see some html/graphic design people step up to make the site work better. occasionally, as i have time, i'd like to contribute to the editorial process. yes
3/6/05 sakura ssrecords at i want to help make sure that as many of the US IMCs are represented on the site as possible no
3/7/05 Alexis lexus51 at Virginia) There has been some discussion of our hosting a mirror server here for indy global. That is in process. Tech contact is Beyond that, we have been silent partners... no need
3/9/05 bradley bradley at Editorial and outreach is cool, but i'd like to spend more time with photography, radio, and video production. I want to see days of global and regional banner drops "" and "". yes
3/9/05 Sascha sascha at urbana-champaign i've been involved since the beginning and helped get things started. mainsly i am really excited to see how many folks are taking the ball and running with it and want to support the continued decentralization of responsibilites to a larger group of folks from as many different IMCs as possible. i'll continue to be involved as i can be but my time's become increasingly scarce over the past couple years i've been working on IMC-US stuff. i think that getting lots of list admins has been a very good step and am hopeful that media production (well, really synthesis of collected media from local IMCs) will increase. yes
3/9/05 faith faith at urbana-champaign i want to be involved but don't have a whole lot of time right now. mostly i'm just lurking the list, and at the moment, mostly, that's all i can really do. no
3/10/05 jessica jess2ica at cienega at Arizona IMC I would like to see all the US IMCs features be linked up to the US site, as well as getting more general US features posted if many IMCs are writing about the same issues. I would like to help write features. I am just starting to learn tech stuff. No, not at this time, but perhaps in the future when I have more time.
3/13/05 okimc admin at oklahoma I might be able to help someone install Oscailt, since I managed that, but really, we're down to 2 and I do most of the work, so I don't know that I can offer much time. I do think that a collective of US IMC's could/should be a vital part of the wider media reform movement in this country, since mainstream media is clearly in a state of dire emergency no
3/13/05 dave dugin at UCIMC I would like to understand some of the problems facing IMC's that develop in urban areas and how media is used in larger markets to benefit the community.  
3/13/05 spud (a.h.s. boy) spudlists at Baltimore IMC, dadIMC code development Just keeping tabs on things for now. Not until there appears to be a useful need...
3/16/05 onto onto at or onto at san diego indymedia I helped organize the Media EmergenC conference last fall (, and i volunteer at radioActive sanDiego ( I'd like to help with admin every once in a while. I do admin for the sdimc site with lotus. I'd like to help work on showing the hybridity and internal differences within the US by promoting and synthesing stories that emphasize such hybridity onto the site. I'm also interested in connecting us imc's together through this site, making the network stronger. yes, I would like it
3/16/05 Jerome/JJC jerchav at New Mexico Better coordinate with local and imc-us. Don't know how much can participate, just see what I fit into. no
3/27/05 Aaron acouch at Philly IMC At PhillyIMC we have not worked out what the responsibilities for people on different lists, so I am not representing PhillyIMC, but one of two, I believe, on the US site list. I'm here to help post relevent philly info and to get in on the discussion. I would like to see a less text heavy, more polished looking site (this is my opinion and does not represent the consensus of PhillyIMC). no thanks
3/23/06 JonSullivan punkrider at Santa Barbara IMC - mailing list admin, editorial yes
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