To-do list for imc-us

a system for easy aggregation of state/city articles to the us site

  • this would involve either grabbing the article through an rdf feed or some other automated method, done through the dada editor interface. ''Question: does this mean that each article would be selected through an interface? What happens when they're selected - do they become features? Do they get the timestamp of the original article, or of when they were 'posted' to the US IMC site?'' * there's already a newsfeeder thing inside the newer dada releases, so that makes it a little easier. i think we'll want to build a new module though.

a new design/automated layout in /home

  • one major story, with a few smaller stories underneath it with reduced image sizes and shortened summaries
  • this should be automated, meaning there have to be new smaller thumbs created for the mini-features, and the layout and ordering should be changable through the editor interface
  • if we follow the example from michigan, we need also to put articles 2-5 (or whatever) into two columns with images, and then two columns of just headlines. Need to define what kind of article would appear in each column. Here's a suggestion: The newest feature will be the big one up top, and then the next x newest will be divided into two lists, perhaps 'news' and 'other' (including commentary, announcements, reviews, and interviews). News would be in the left column, 'other' on the right.

dns stuff

  • we have
  • we want, which is owned by an indymedia person in seattle. we just have to talk to this person.

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