Mission Statement

vienna.indymedia.org is a news portal with the specific demand to encourage a more emancipatory handling of information and media. vienna.indymedia.org occurs to constitute a mutimedial network of independent and alternative media, media-activists and dedicated persons and groups, offering open, non-commercial coverage and background information "from below" about recent social and political issues. vienna.indymedia.org tries to support already existing alternative structures.

Our political Concept

Open Posting as it is offered by vienna.indymedia.org provides an opportunity to overcome the roles of media consumers - to become media activists. During these processes existing social hierachies - which of course can also be found in vienna.indymedia.org - should be neither ignored nor neglected. The fight against these hierachies should be the basis for the development of our project.

The idea of vienna.indymedia.org is not to gather the most interesting news from corporate media but to counter them with our own views of social developments and to concentrate on events that are neglected by corporate media. The principles layed down in the editorial policy of vienna.indymedia.org (ImcViennaEditorialPolicy) try to support this form of media participation similar to affirmative action policies.

Globalisation and Regionalism

A futher important goal will be the strengthening of local structures and the coordination with international networks overcoming national boundaries. We see regional social movements and their resistance as a link to global fights.

Doing that we want to take up discussions from the indymedia network - which we are part of - and also from the new global protest movements - in which we understand ourselves as critical elements.

Free Software, Free Information

The software of indymedia is an Open Source project. Thus it is free of cost and available and developable for everybody. The principles of free software, free share of knowledgement and a global partnership through the internet have become important for the activity and structure of the Indymedia network.

The global network of Indymedia

The intention to constitute the concept of Indymedia as a network of Open Publishing is the result of the experience of the concentration of capitalist media on a global level after the Cold War. Consequently, activists coming from different contexts - such as alternative media, free software and global protest movements - set out to their own concept of coverage and of subversive presence apart from national or economic interests to subtend the conglomerate of powerful media.

It was in November 1999 - when protests against WTO and global capitalism were taking place in Seattle - to be the first time for Indymedia - labelling the concept of Open Posting - to permit announcement of independent information about the local events.

In the meantime more than 100 new IMCs (Independent Media Centers) were launched all over the world, each realizing alternative coverage both regionally and internationally, conjointly presenting a collective global network. Similarly, the formation of the first IMC in Austria (http://at.indymedia.org) resulted from the experience of the Global Action Day against the convention of IMF and the World Bank in September 2000 Indymedia's reports about caused a stir all over the world.

What Indymedia does NOT want to be:

  • a substitute for already existing alternative structures of information. Indymedia wants to be supportive and offer a networking texture to those structures.
  • a stage for established or commercial groupings or for groupings striving for national power to publish arranged statements.
  • a discussion board or a calendar of events; the requirements necessary won't work within the structure of Indymedia.
  • a platform for discrimination of any kind, e.g. sexism, racism, fascism, antisemitism, a.s.o.

Get active!

If you want to participate in the design process for an independent media center in Vienna - no matter if you have any ideas at the moment or if you don't have a clue what you could do - you're welcome to get in touch with us or drop by at one of our meetings.

Indymedia is a tool to be used. It doesn't matter if you'll write articles, make videos or audios or join the moderation: Just animate the structure! Another important point is to keep a critical view of decisions made: texts and articles can be complex and mostly they won't be attached completely adequately to the rigid categories.

We will be happy about every single person feeling - in any way - jointly responsible for the arrangement of the project as regards content. For this is what Indymedia's about: to overcome the relationship between producers and consumers of media to create a tool to provide information "for all" "by all".

-- BildSchirme - 11 Sep 2004 -- BildSchirme - 07 Sep 2004 -- ReginaRegenbogen - 07 Sep 2004 -- BildSchirme - 02 Sep 2004: pt2

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