Indymedia Ireland works under a similar concept as St Louis;

Passes are laminated and carry a name, photo and number.

We've attempted to communicate with the Garda\xED (Irish Police) about the fact Indymedia are going to be at protests and would the be willing to egage us in a dialogue about our ID.

We got silence, finally we've got a lawyer to draft a letter saying we'd abide by NUJ (Irish Union of journalists) regulations, and if we recieved no response we'd assume this would be okay (and got silence, this was our third try.)

To get a press pass you must show some level of involvement or interest in Indymedia (attent and parcipate in meetings/mailing list)

1. Agree to abide by those NUJ relugations,

2. Not to engage in direct action, grossly illegal activity (assault, abuse etc) metaphorically stand back from the protest.

The thing about a press pass is you endanger others wearing the passes; when you stop behaving like a journalist and start behaving like a protestor. I got a mail from a bunch of German Black Bloc ers who boasted using IMC passes to dance past police lines in Genoa and then cause mayhem, and then wander to the IMC center to eat food donated by members, some anarchists..........

-- RabbleRouser - 04 Jun 2002
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