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Ласкаво просимо на вікі-сторінку Індимедіа-Україна!


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We are currently working on...

UkraineProjects - Current and Long-term projects in the hopes and works of the Indymedia Ukraine collective (Add your ideas!)

PgaCommunications - PGA Communications Projects

UkraineConnections - Links to alternative and radical local and worldwide sites, organizations, publications, and activist groups, as well as references to educational material, etc.

UkraineWorkingGroups - List of working groups and their respective lists.

UkraineProfiles - List of Moderators and members of the General List.

UkraineArchives - Archival page for summaries and/or minutes from meetings. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Documents for Indymedia Ukraine (In English):

* UkraineDecisionPolicy (English) * UkraineEditorialPolicy (English) * UkraineMissionStatement (English) * UkraineNewIMCForm (English) * UkraineIMCMembershipCriteria (English) * UkraineImcPrinciplesofUnity (English)

Documents for Indymedia Ukraine (In Ukrainian):

* UkraineDecisionPolicyUA (Ukrainian) * UkraineEditorialPolicyUA (Ukrainian) * UkraineMissionStatementUA (Ukrainian) * IMCMembershipCriteriaUkraineUA (Ukrainian) * NewIMCFormUkraineUA (Ukrainian)) * UkraineImcPrinciplesofUnityUA (Ukrainian) _______________________________________________________________________________________________

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