A quick refresher of IRC usage

You should also read these documents:

Log on with a registered nickname

  • Use one of the methods mentioned in the main IRC info page to connect to irc.indymedia.org by the secure/SSL channel

  • Choose a nickname and a password. Set your nickname using:

/nick yournickname

  • Register the nickname by:

/msg NICKSERV register yourpasswordhere

  • Now everytime you logon you'll need to either type:

/msg NICKSERV identify yourpassowrdhere

or else have your IRC client do it automatically.

Joining a locked channel

  • To join a keyphrase or keypass locked channel:

/join #channelname password

Managing a channel

Managing operators

  • To add operators to a channel for which you are the founder operator:

/msg ChanServ ACCESS #channelname add nameofoperator level

(level should generally be 40)

  • To see the different levels available

msg ChanServ LEVEL #channelname list

  • To list the levels of access that have been assigned on a channel

/msg ChanServ ACCESS #channelname list

  • Removing an operator

/msg ChanServ #channelname del pattern

e.g. /msg ChanServ ACCESS #channelname list

'>ChanServ< ACCESS #channel list

-ChanServ- -- Access List for [#channelname] --

-ChanServ- Num Level Hostmask Since last use

-ChanServ- --- ----- -------- --------------

-ChanServ- 1 40 notneeded!*@*

-ChanServ- 2 40 you 1m 8s

-ChanServ- 3 0 anotherdude!*@*

-ChanServ- 4 50 me 0s

-ChanServ- -- End of list --

/msg ChanServ #channelname del notneeded!*@*

'>ChanServ< ACCESS #channelname del notneeded!*@*

-ChanServ- [notneeded!*@*] has been removed from the access list for #channelname

'>ChanServ< ACCESS #channel list

-ChanServ- -- Access List for [#channelname] --

-ChanServ- Num Level Hostmask Since last use

-ChanServ- --- ----- -------- --------------

-ChanServ- 1 40 you 1m 8s

-ChanServ- 2 0 anotherdude!*@*

-ChanServ- 3 50 me 0s

-ChanServ- -- End of list --

Banning troublesome users

  • Find out who they are

/whois nameofdisrupter

  • Add a list ban

/mode #channelname +b pattern

  • /kick nameofdisrupter

"N.B. You must follow the above sequence of ban, then kick".

  • To unban

/mode #channelname -b pattern

Making a channel keypass locked

  • Choose a passphrase

/mode #channelname +k passphrase

-- RichardIsible - 09 Dec 2005
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