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This is the official MAG 04 site, though it isn't accessible to all yet.

Abstract [en only]: announcement and invitation to the celebration of Indymedia's fifth birthday and the first Media Activist Gathering (MAG) in Berlin, Germany, on November 25th to December 1st.

Tentative programme:

Thursday, 25 Nov 2004 - Beginning of film programme screening videos made by Indymedia activists and other video projects in multiple cinemas all over Berlin. Opening event and start of decentral workshop programme (still open for your contributions!)

Fridaz, 26 Nov 2004 - afternoon/evening Open media fair: present your own project and see what other people are doing. Let us know what your needs are in terms of space and technology.

Saturday, 27 Nov 2004 - 9am to 6pm Open Space Topic: "Networking free and independent media: A quantum leap in media evolution!?! Visions & Strategies" This is where we will have space and time to presentour ideas/concerns/visions as wel as to exchange with others in a free and constructive way. PARTY in the evening with audio-visuals, cocktails, and chance for informal networking.

Sunday, 28 Nov 2004 - 9am to 1:30pm Final get-together brunch to express impressions and ideas... evolving into a half-day Open Space to formulate action plans from Saturday`s results, to look into the future and possibly create the basis for joint projects...

To Wednesday, 1 Dec 2004 - Continuing film programme and workshops.

* Open Space has been chosen as conference methodology since it seems to be best suited for the occasion, offering ample opportunities for networking given the participant's diversity. For organizing though, we do ask you to register as soon as possible. An email is all it takes: mag(at)

Projects/initiatives or individuals interested in participating and helping out may place their logo/link/signature on our website, both as to give us an overview/feedback and to show who colorful and diverse an alternative world of media might look like.

There is also a plan to connect with other conferences/meetings/festivities taking place at the same time around the globe, e.g. to establish a live video stream. So far we know of Dakar, Canary Islands, and Chiapas...

Seattle 1999: for the first time on a large scale, hundreds of individual media activists and a dozen independent media projects join forces on occasion of the protests against the WTO ministerial. Forming the first Independent Media Center (IMC), they provided news coverage, broadcasted by satellite TV in the US and globally through the Internet, making information on the protests available to the public. Indymedia's "open publishing" principle of uncensored and anonymous contribution open to everyone has created and enabled new ways of media production and consumption. Within the last five years, Indymedia has grown into a global network of more than 160 autonomous IMCs and continues to expand.

This network is shaped and used by a diversity of free and independent media projects and individuals, connecting them not only through the Internet, but in numerous other ways as well. With the first MAG in Berlin from November 24th to December 1st, the initiators will create a temporary platform providing media activists with the space for personal and hands-on exchange, networking and cooperation.

This is a time of merging huge transnational media corporation gaining an ever increasing influence on form and content of the information we are presented with. Their power to shape how we perceive the world around us enables them to more and more determin what possiblities and necessities to change it are presented to us. To the mainstream media we a merely passive consumers or isolated individual activists.

That is why we think now is the time to bring together those people who are interested/involved in other ways of media production and consumption that are more open. The idea is to gather and get to know each other, to identify what we have in common, to embrace our diversity---taking back home new ideas, goals, motivation...

We invite long-time media activists as well as those who have only recently acquired a critical stance towards the media. The activist who sometimes publishes an article as well as the professional journalist interested in reporting without pressure by hierarchical structures and editors. Pupils, students, people in front of and behind cameras, mics, sets and enabling information technology. In short: everyone wanting to contribute to a more open world (of media and otherwise) should come to Berlin for networking and exchange to both develop new visions and strategies and to further the realization of existing ideas... or to contribute from wherever they are.

Thus during the birthday festivities we aim to create a space enabling everyone to contribute. So for one thing we are asking you for your own video and audio productions to be included in the cinema programme. Also we are looking for trailers, one to five minutes in length, introducing your project/idea, to be screened before feature presentations.

We would like to cover all expenses through donations from the participants, so as to not exclude anyone because of limited funds. There will be a transparent budget calculation.

The preparatory process is open for your ideas and input---and of course help is always appreciated...

-- JeffLazar - 05 Oct 2004
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