IMC UK Virtual Collective Meeting 20th November 2010


These are some suggestions about what we might want to talk about; please feel free to edit (whether or not you're able to come along). We'll finalize the agenda on the day.

New-IMC for virtual:

how to proceed.
Do we have the numbers?
Do we have "unity of purpose"?
Can we draft an editorial policy right now?
UK newswire.
What's it called?
What kind of articles does it accept?
Membership criteria.
Does it have a "core" membership that can be enumerated definitively?

UK Mir Collectives:

Have no voice.
Can the VC speak for UK Mir Collectives?
Do we need another collective (or grouping)?
Does it need to be an IMC?
UK Mir is currently populated by many people who neither use nor like Mir. Can we live with that?
How would a UK Mir "collective of collectives" organise itself?
Could it accomodate individuals?

UK Collective:

Is this relevant to us any more?
UK don't seem to want "UK" articles.
Can we put up with the continuing deceptions and scheming?
What might be the consequences of detaching from the UK?
UK Network Meeting in December
Shall we make a report for them?
What shall we tell them?


We are a group of UK Indymedia activists who met on 20th November 2010 in Oxford where we agreed to constitute ourselves as an autonomous UK Indymedia collective on the basis that:

  • We are open to existing and and future Indymedia activists who agree with this statement and are known and trusted by existing collective members.
  • We support the UK Indymedia site including the features and open publishing newswire and believe it should stay on the domain name.
  • We agree with the substance of the IMC UK Mission Statement and Editorial Guidelines.
  • We will use the imc-uk-collective email list for our decision making between meeting.
  • We will continue to use the imc-uk-features and imc-uk-moderation lists for decision making regarding the IMC UK newswire and feature articles.
  • We intend to participate in the IMC UK Network as a peer of the other IMC collectives in the UK.
  • We would like the UK aggregation site to carry the IMC UK newswire RSS feed rather than the promoted newswire feed and in addition the feature article feed.
  • We intend to apply to the global New IMC process.

We agreed to support the StatusNet proposal.

Date of next meeting, 22/23rd January 2011 in Brighton, venue to be sorted out. *

* This has subsequently changed to the weekend after.

-- MrDemeanour - 10 Nov 2010
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