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codebase on oceania site .... needs a review

technology issues - needs: regular communications and a group that has a process for working together.. ie when we meet, how we meet, what are expectations..

proposed timetable - a "Consciousness" in communication between ourselves.

seems that imc-oceania list is used for everything... proposed to have imc-oceania-tech, -finance, etc

links between imc-tech, and imc-oceania-tech , between local techs in regional imcs

Sunday 2pm - Tech meeting

PROPOSAL : Regular monthly (IRC) meetings using the Wiki tool as a medium of collaboration. A person nominated inside each meeting to update the agenda/wiki tool for the next meeting First Sunday every month - IRC oceania meeting. Need to ask Manilla



personal issues in collective may be affecting structure. Problem is really only persistent trolling.


  • Situation: collective is disputing minutes, cant get to consensus around access controls/editorial

  • Actions possible: take the site down - take publishing offline. make them go thru new-imc process again.

  • CAT suggested to have minutes of consensus process (to show collective agreement on issues), or split into two indy sites.

  • Self-audits around principles of unity, new imc criteria - there are precendents to freeze IMC sites.
  • This could be part of the monthly meeting criteria

  • Moderation from outside CAT and IMC

  • Need to have principles of how to deal with these issues when they come up again.

  • A person from Brisbane spoke at the conf -- background on BrisbaneIMC startup (CHOGM) and personal issues.

    • some problems with new people joining who were new to not just indymedia but also to activism and collective organising/concensus decision making
    • feedback from split-into-two option - possible arguments over domain names eg SF/Indybay drama
    • a mechanism existed to remove a member, but ppl were intimidated and so in practice the process couldnt be followed thru.

      • freezing the site, suspending publishing, taking passwords away from everybody
      • two indys probably wont work - flamewars on each site
      • shortage of tech skills in "split collectives"
      • In another dispute with an IMC it was suggested to adopt an ImcGrievanceProcedure
      • As a result of the problems we had in Bristol we defined what 'being in the collective' meant, and a complaint/conflict resolution process which could be used by Brisbane :
      • move to a new codebase, "self-audit" - hoops to jump thru when new collective forms.
      • Highlights system problems in organising - splitting into two not viable
      • Finn/Pabs volunteering to do tech work with new brisbane site
      • Scrap the site entirely - make a collective reform.
      • Remove the disrupters
      • Reluctant to be authoritarian, acknowledgment of only one-side of the story
      • Arbitration from Friends of Earth Brisbane - is the moderator "impartial" ?
      • Alignment with a faction is dangerous for this conference (regional meeting of indymedia ppl)
      • CAT/ could offer a new , alternative site to ppl with alternative media experience.
      • Personal view of attendent: meditation wont work.
      • Time limit to freezing site - after that if a functioning collective (principles of unity) isnt up, then a new collective needs to go thru entire new-imc process.
      • Statement that goes to broader public about (temporary?) closure of brisbaneIMC.
      • Wouldnt like to see oceania group freezing a site, without due process like meditation, getting a new collective formed, new-imc guidelines. The oceania group itself should offer meditation , rather than another group, since we know indymedia processes and culture.
      • Do we have "authority", "power" etc to actually act in freezing / changing passwords ? (Not technically, since CAT ppl can do so). We shouldnt punish the "users"/"contributors" if we try to "fix" the collective structure.
      • We should look at the guidelines of brisbane editorial collecitve. Offer meditation in person, not online. We could pay for professional meditators from oceania funds.
      • PROPOSAL: take away tech access to everyone on grounds not clear who should have it. Some needs to do admin for say 2 mnths. Suggest tech access restore, if collective can agree who should after public meeting and 2 key sides agree in consensus. Offer to fund meditation to solve personal disputes. If shit isnt together in 2 mnths , we remove the brisbane indymedia name. Separate sites wont make ppl talk to each other.
      • Logging the process of sorting the dispute out, and disseminating it to global indymedia networks. Pages posted on site with links to wiki page about the process. Use it as a case study.
      • PROPOSAL2: suspend publishing, offer professional meditation. Disband the site at the end if that doesnt work.
      • our responsibility to collectively uphold the PrinciplesOfUnity. so we do hold a certain level of authority to act in this matter.

      • PROPOSAL : site still working, but all pwds taken away from both factions. In 6 weeks another meeting - attempt meditation, consensus on who gets tech / editorial access.
      • VERY IMPORTANT: dont take sides, we dont have all information. So, all tech pwds are changed. If meditation fails, and collective structure is not following PrinciplesOfUnity we can recommen the site is disbanded.
      • Offer other projects to people who are involved , and to work with regional indymedia people in new projects, whilst temp. site pwd change.
      • Oceania indymedia group could offer support (tech etc), and CAT removes support. Front page story on brisbaneIMC outlining the process, involving the community.
      • Surrogate editorial collective ? Features would have to go since noone lives in brisbaneIMC. Feature wire admins? Maree, Takver, Hugh, Stacy, Dana, Shayne ... (Note: From memory. The idea on features was brisbane "collective" generates them and sends to the temp ed collective - Shayne)
      • How to judge from afar that the "new" group is functional, satisifying the criteria?
      • Features from oceania network could go to brisbane features column.
      • Features should still come from Brisbane.
      • ImcOceaniaCommonGround


deferred - no time. no money yet anyway! smile

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