Hopes and Expectations


specific goals: online video/video network stuff - "one of my babies" strengthening the network. inspiring people in oceania project and in indymedia oceania has lots of potential - e.g. inspiration to belgium and is also spreading the idea of regional organising, "skilling-up" networking, helping eachother, getting stuff up, fixing problems.


video meeting people face-2-face extendign oceania towards video/syndication teaching/sharing knowledge with ppl as regards eg compression promoting ImcOceaniaNewsreal - have some to distribute in VCD format original idea was to bounce the newsreel around different collectives - ? similar to europe - otherwise will continue here in Melbourne will run a workshop on Sunday

Clare (aotorea)

much stronger network preparation/collaboration how we handle money meeting ppl who we have emailed for ages


new to imc and watching

Roman (Adelaide)

catch up with faces behind the names like to get adelaide back up and running technical support distributed search research - looking at global ngos, looking at problems with ...


came to be reinspired by imc film and documentary stuff relates to money and how to manage sustainability and skill up and get techy skills if poss find out where indy is going widen scope and reach and get more groups involved


video ditto everyone above! to find out about video tools on linux learn geek stuff improve documentation of what's going on around adelaide empowerment of other groups and people


oceania network history of development, practices... revitalise sydney imc international collab.. uk geeky workshops (videos)

Andy (CAT)

interested in oceania network from geek background - improving servers and getting streaming audio and video going -permanent video/streaming servers instead of ad-hoc getting sydney going again, more people involved decentralised organising and Active and Hugh

cat/active/sydney imc - not sure where total enthusiasm lies would like to see more person to person networking more coherence problem w/ anarchist organising is freedom to go in own direction but have difficulty keeping it together and coherent timing! not-second-guessing eachother communication issues.


learning video skills gett tech stuff done talking about Active


hot and cold on indy all the time wanted to reinforce interest in indy, what inspired other ppl, what it is that we're doing! getting some tech skill


some kind of direction setting stuff up instead of just ad-hoc developing oceania v. keen to geek a lot!


regional organising can be extremely esciting - had hjoped for this back home and it went really slowly maybe getting things going within some of the more local regions and multilateral stuff going on update to internal.indymedia.org and indymedia.org.au - perhaps to migrate to a new database


discussions on technical code bases/features ppl are interested in seeing us as a broader group directions of indy at a more global level statement - to circulate at a globabl level


faces 2 names - hopefully leading to more collaboration, esp in feature writing potential for doing more features

some way in talking about where we wanna take the software. mechanisms for dealing with abusive open-publishing


formally part of global network last april learn how to deal with abusive posts properly disuss the possibility of sorting out funds for equipment

Geraldine (Auckland)

lots of video work - networking possibilities, streaming/exchange sharing and regional television idea of imc role in 'social change media' - way it's interpreted and making it more open to other communities those are the two 'biggies' - although all the others interest me as well!

GarconDuMonde - 16 Jul 2004

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