IMC OCeania Video Meeting


Newsreel: where to now?

tassie media project - not quite oceania brand stuff (see below)

distribution for screenings

  • "Time to go, John" as a model
  • is the content too heavy for people? cannot show 2 newsreels at once?
  • national or regional screening email lists?
  • database of screening groups

production issues - the next one?

  • Who? melbourne happy to continue
  • very little collective construction of how it worked. what does it mean, how does it get made, involvement etc
  • process issues, getting the region involved
  • use of the wiki - what we are doing
  • good to chat more with manila crew
  • this one at present was a little bit rushed in order to get it done for TINA

  • collaboration: lots of people can make video, fewer can edit or have the opportunity to access resources for editing.

  • more working with SKA-TV ?

  • doing translations etc.


structure is different content is slightly different - more cultural than news thus: tasmedia video rell premier at the Hobart Fringe 'convergence' - festival in december 74 minutes worth of arts films be nice to put on some oceania screenings first one to donate money to catalyst - never donated before ?second one for imc?

Web project - online ivdn stuff

  • online ordering

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