IMC Ontario Editorial Policy

There is ongoing discussion about editorial policy changes and proposals, which can be found on the OntarioEdPolicyDiscuss page.

The IMC Ontario editorial collective uses an open publishing model. This means that when articles, pictures, audio, and video are posted to our site, they will be immediately available to be read and commented on by others. THERE IS NO APPROVAL BEFORE AN ARTICLE IS POSTED -- EVERYTHING IS IMMEDIATELY DISPLAYED AFTER SUBMISSION.

After an article is posted, members of our editorial collective can "hide" articles that violate our article criteria, listed below. You can join our editorial collective if you want.

Article Criteria

We will "hide" postings that:

  • have been requested hidden by the poster
  • have been posted by someone who is found to be impersonating someone else
  • have been posted by someone who claims a false affiliation with an organization
  • are duplicates
  • have no content other than advertising a business or another web site
  • in the opinion of the collective, directly or indirectly (via web link) incite hatred against an oppressed group of people
  • in the opinion of the collective, directly or indirectly (via web link) constitute an explicit or implied physical threat against any individual or group of people
  • in the opinion of the collective, contains unsubstantiated and very damaging information about an individual or group (such as false event info)
  • are garbage (e.g. pictures submitted as text)
  • are relevant mainly to a jurisdiction outside Ontario (e.g. Radio Georgia's 25th anniversary). These posts should go to another IMC, or to the Global page.
  • are comments that are unrelated to the article being commented on.
  • are organizing specific illegal acts (i.e. saying to meet at a certain place and time to go do something illegal.)

The hidden articles can still be viewed, but will NOT appear on the newswire.

Process for Hiding Articles

If we receive a complaint, or someone from our editorial collective sees an article that falls into one of the categories above, they will hide the article, stating the reason for hiding, and notify the author if their e-mail is available. The website will automatically notify the editorial collective about the hiding of the article.

Article Deletion

In the event that posting of an article will place IMC Ontario in serious legal jeopardy, the editorial collective reserves the right to edit or delete an article completely, so that some or all of it is not visible to anyone. In this extraordinary circumstance, we will post the reasons for such deletion right in the article.

Complaints about this process

If you feel that an article was removed unfairly, or that there is a posting displayed on the site that violates the above criteria or should be removed for other reasons, you may bring this up on our editorial list, by e-mailing We will try to act on clear policy violations quickly. Appeals to the whole collective will take 72 hours to process.

Hidden posts that have been successfully appealed to the collective will be re-posted at the time of a decision.

For posts that are hidden because of unsubstantiated information, they will be re-posted when information has been presented about the truth of the post that satisfies members of the editorial collective.

You may view all hidden articles by clicking on the link below:

View hidden articles

Clicking on the 'older stories' link repeatedly will allow you to view all of the hidden articles.
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