IMC Ontario Website Technical To Do

High Priority

  1. Monitor feedback
    • check error log for pages not accessed
    • check all the links on the site
    • usability enhancement suggestions
    • add new cities if requested
    • security for scripts (check for tainted mode)
  2. Change article structure
    • Print title and summary as separate from entry text
      • don't want to edit things twice; also confusing
    • Add article status field:
      • Updated: bring to top of newswire
      • Edited: keep where it is
      • Archived: remove from newswire
    • Get rid of Archive as article type
    • Fix problem with dates in Toronto web
  3. Archive accessibility
    • Get working with Google (robots.txt)
    • google search option on our site
  4. RSS feeds
    • newswire.rss
    • features.1-0.rdf and features.0-91.rdf
  5. Automatically copy media to
    • pushmedia Perl script
  6. Appearance
    • IMC Ontario logo [Gloria?]
    • Kitchener logo [talk to Elly]
    • better colours on pages? [talk to Gloria]
  7. Better handling of features
    • special feature creation form [Krystalline very interested in]
    • implement features as a 'closed wire' (needs approval)
  8. Handling copyright policies for media
  9. Easy link to raw article display (with icon)
  10. Link registration more with volunteering
  11. Inline PNG, TIF display (with convert); also BMP
    • do something about small images being blown up?
  12. Init form date for new articles to today's date
  13. Link to do login before uploading media
  14. Go public with code
    • Get comment and security code into general distribution?
    • Need DBSEARCH and pushmedia code at least for full release
    • hard-coding and other FIXMEs in indyupload, MediaPlugin

Nifty Features to be Added

  1. Ratings page for each article (similar to comments)
  2. WebGallery page for multimedia thumbnails and links
  3. Word doc conversion (see old convert.php3)
  4. Case insensitivity for logins
  5. Login validation for comments?

Completed Tasks

  1. Note case-sensitivity for logins [DONE]
  2. Important multimedia fixes [DONE]
    • location handling directory [DONE]
    • force lower-case extension name; handle multiple dots [DONE]
    • Resolve name-collision issues for uploads [DONE]
    • Create destination directories for uploads [DONE]
  3. Use new template on main web [DONE]
  4. Move WebPublish page to Main web (and point template there) [DONE]
  5. Static pages moved over, redirected for now [DONE]
  6. Clean up user registration page a bit [DONE]
    • get rid of OfficeLocation [DONE]
    • make sure e-mail works, or disable [DONE]
    • don't write contact info to home page [DONE]
  7. Lock out editing for anonymous logins [DONE]
  8. Configure production server [DONE]
  9. Copy test site to Production Server [DONE]
  10. Back up Windsor and Ontario sites on stallman [DONE]
    • Regenerate the cache pages and save [DONE]
    • backup Postgres for both, and MySQL for Ontario features [DONE]
  11. Port old Windsor and Ontario pages to TWiki [DONE]
  12. Show comments on same page [DONE]
    • don't let blank comments create a page [DONE]
  13. Show real article titles on newswire [DONE]
  14. WebPublishEasy moved to each Web
  15. redirect front.php3, newstatic.php3 requests (and related) [DONE]
  16. Index for Ontario site [DONE]
  17. Montreal and Windsor archives [DONE]
  18. Database search capability [DONE]
    • pushdb Perl script
    • DBSEARCH function
  19. move and update all static pages [DONE]
  20. need DBSEARCH for features (text searching in topic name) [DONE]
    • done, but need checking for features cache update
    • (don't want to update features cache unless we have to)
    • once that's done, copy DBSEARCH to WebHome
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