Santa Cruz IMC regional integration with


Santa Cruz Indymedia's Regional Integration with

We are very pleased to announce that the Santa Cruz Independent Media Center's website will now be regionally integrated with, the website of the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center. The new website address for Santa Cruz Indymedia is

Together, as media activists in Central and Northern California and throughout the world, we will use the tactic of Indymedia to share news and information from within the struggles for a world based on freedom, cooperation, justice and solidarity, and against environmental degradation, neoliberal exploitation, racism and patriarchy.

Indymedia erodes the dividing line between reporters and reported, between active producers and passive audience: people are enabled to speak for themselves. We will share an open publishing newswire of text, photos, audio and video contributed directly to the Indybay website and Santa Cruz IMC will have a newswire specifically for articles relating to the Monterey Bay Area.

For Santa Cruz IMC, this is a chance to expand our website resources to include a page en espa\xF1ol as well as topic and regional pages. A photo gallery and bittorrent downloads are some of the other new options for viewing and distributing media contributed to SC-IMC. The open-publishing newswire for SC-IMC is now separated into the following three sections: Local News, Global News and Other/Breaking News.

The Santa Cruz IMC Calendar also has a new website address: This calendar is specific to the Monterey Bay Area, but is also integreated into Indybay's calendar for the Bay Area, Central Valley and North Coast. is now ready for your articles, photos, audio and videos and you can now post event announcements to SC-IMC's new Calendar located at

Please select "Santa Cruz IMC" when publishing to both the newswire and calendar.

Publish your news

Add an event

All articles published on will remain archived so you can still view all the articles and link directly to them. January 31, 2006, will be the last day to add a new article or comment to

At some point in the future, as Indybay volunteers update the code that runs, an attempt will be made to merge content from into

You can find archives of by visiting the following links:



Other Press

You can also use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to view screenshots of the homepage from 2001 - 2005.*/

All the reporters, photographers, sound recorders, videographers, organizers and activists who contribute to SC-IMC's open-publishing newswire are the heart and soul of Santa Cruz Indymedia.

If you would like to get more involved in Santa Cruz Indymedia, please send an email to If you have any questions or comments about SC-IMC's regional integration with, please leave a comment on this article or send an email to

Yours Truly,

Santa Cruz Indymedia editorial volunteers

* Please note, Santa Cruz Indymedia's web feed for features and the open-publishing newswire has been updated to the following feeds:

SC-IMC's features:

SC-IMC's open-publising newswire:

What is a web feed and how do I use it?

En Espanol

Santa Cruz Indymedia se ha integrado con

Tenemos el placer de anunciar, que el sitio web del centro de medios independientes de Santa Cruz, ahora forma parte de, que es el sitio web de el centro de medios independientes de la bahia de San Francisco. El nuevo sitio web de Santa Cruz Indymedia es

Juntos como activistas de los medios de comunicacion, en el centro y norte de California y para todo el mundo estaremos usando las estrategias de Indymedia, para compartir las noticias e informacion de los movimientos para: un mundo libre, cooperacion, justicia y solidaridad, contra el degradamiento del medio ambiente, explotacion neoliberal, racismo y machismo.

Indymedia transforma las relaciones entre el p\xFAblico y los periodistas dandole voz a la audiencia. Compartiremos una columna de publicaci\xF3n abierta de noticias en texto, fotografia, audio y video contribuyendo directamente con el sitio web de Indybay y Santa Cruz CMI, tambien habra un foro de noticas especificamente para articulos relacionados con la bahia de Monterey.

Para Santa Cruz CMI, esto es una oportunidad de aumentar nuestros recursos de web para incluir una pagina en espa\xF1ol, una galeria de fotos y poder bajar bittorrent, estos son algunas nuevas opciones para ver y distribuir en SC-CMI. La columna de publicaci\xF3n abierta por Santa Cruz Indymedia consta de tres partes: noticias locales, noticas del mundo y noticias de ultima hora.

El Calendario de Santa Cruz CMI tambien tiene un nuevo sitio web: Este calendario es especificamente para la bahia de Monterey, pero tambien formara parte de el calendario de Indybay para la bahia y el valle central y la costa norte. esta listo para recibir tus articulos, fotografias, audio, y videos y puedes anunciar tus eventos al calendario de SC-CMI localizado en

Porfavor seleciona "Santa Cruz CMI" cuando vallas a publicar en el espacio de las noticias o el calendario.

Publica tus noticias en

Anuncia tus eventos en

Todos los articulos publicados en permaneceran archivados y tu podras ver los articulos directamente. El 31 de enero del 2006 sera el ultimo dia para agregar nuevos articulos y comentarios a

En el futuro mientras los voluntarios de Indybay van renovando los codigos de, haremos un intento de fusionar la informacion de en

Podras encontrar archivos de visitando los siguentes sitios de web:



la Otra Prensa

Tambien puedes usar el "Internet Archive Wayback Machine" para ver las nuevas imagenes de la pagina principal de desde el 2001-2005.*/

Todos los reporteros, fotografos y grabadores de audio, cinematografos, organizadores y activistas que contribuyen a SC-CMI noticas son el corazon y espiritu de Santa Cruz Indymedia.

Si quieres colaborar con Santa Cruz Indymedia porfavor mandanos un correo electronico a Si tienes preguntas o comentarios sobre la integracion de SC-CMI y por favor deja tu comentario en este articulo o mandanos un correo a


Santa Cruz Indymedia editores voluntarios

* Por favor ten presente que la informacion de los medios comunes de Santa Cruz Indymedia son reportajes y noticias nuevas de los enlaces:

SC-CMI's reportajes:

SC-CMI's columna de publicaci\xF3n abierta:

Que son los medios comunes y como los hago?

Idea for Santa Cruz IMC

Launch by New Years 2006 or sooner.

Maintain the name Santa Cruz IMC

url can be a redirect to or a splash page.

or we keep the url and just be served from although search engings don't like it when you have the same content on two urls and it could be confusing to users. -- MichaelD - 29 Nov 2005
I don't understand this idea. -- BradleY - 30 Nov 2005

Archive dadaimc articles and disable new article and comment publishing on current sc-imc site. has a history of

Other considerations

Should we consider the integration of other cities and regions?
Yes, a category has been created for the 'central coast' on Indybay (this is different from a seperate page with editorial volunteers). We will be able to have categories for other cities and regions within the scope of SC-IMC, such as Felton, Watsonville, Monterey, etc.

What is the relationship between and
It is not a very good relationship. Things seem to be ok now, but i don't think the two collectives are too interested in trying to work together. It is my understanding that Indybay is planing to create a page for the city of san francisco:

What is the long term plan in terms of integration between and indybay?
I do not think there are any short or long term plans for the two collectives to work together.

How can the subsections of indybay be effectively branded to a given locality?
Word of mouth, links on the internet, mass emails, personal emails, stickers and buttons, fliers, graphics and banners, etc..., United Kollectives Example

An example of regional IMC integration is

In the left column, look for United Kollectives:

each of these sites serves a local IMC.

All these sites share a common open-publishing newswire, yet the articles are filtered for each locality.


No longer a need to cross-post articles between SC-IMC and Indybay

Only one open-publishing newswire and moderated by more people

Topic pages, En Espanol page, Regional and International pages

Great support for text, photos, audio and video with automatic bit torrents and photo galleries

One calendar, filtered by region and topic

Larger audience

Larger network of collaberation for content, editorial of and outreach.

Syndication into (maybe)

Potential Set-Backs

SC-IMC may lose some perceived notions of autonomy and branding with existing
I (Bradley) agree we will lose a degree of autonomy. For example, hidden articles and IP blocking would affect all regions of the website. I think it is good that SC-IMC and Indybay will/could be working together more, even if it results in a slight lose of autonomy. I think SC-IMC can get over the potential set-backs of autonomy and branding smile


SC-IMC volunteers will uphold Indybay's POU and Editorial Policy.

SC-IMC can maintain our own POU and Editorial Policy in addition to Indybay's policies.


Editorial autonomy on the Santa Cruz IMC page

sc-imc volunteers can speak with Indybay volunteers about working on feature (topic) pages, such as,, and


For a long time, people have been using Indybay to share news and information about events in Santa Cruz County. We can bring these articles into the Santa Cruz IMC page on Indybay

User permissions within sf-active. Each page/region/topic/mainpage could have user permissions. This would help with communication for people working on each region or local IMC and topic (feature) page and the mainpage,
- mtoups mentioned this to me and said that development on sf-active should be moving forward again in about a month. mtoups also mentioned that indybay uses a modified version of sf-active. mark said that he has worked on user permissions for indybay, but they are a little buggy at the moment and therefore not currently in use.


Ability to customize left column, top banner and nav bar links.

Here is a design mock-up made by Daveid, a volunteer with Indybay, of what Indybay may look like after the launching of more regional pages on Indybay. Note, this mock was made on 11/13/05 and the link under 'Local News' to the 'Central Coast' would, most likely, be changed to 'Santa Cruz' or 'Santa Cruz IMC'

email and irc discussion

SC-IMC is not suggesting a Santa Cruz page on the Indybay site in addition to maintaining the current SC-IMC.

The SC-IMC page on Indybay would replace the need/desire to publish on two newswires.

All SC-IMC articles (refered to as "dadaIMC articles", the software currently in use by would be archived and publishing on that site would be disabled.

Santa Cruz IMC would be regionally integrated into (the SF Bay Area IMC).

The open-publishing newswire for Santa Cruz IMC would be same as for Indybay, northcoast, east bay, south bay, etc....:

[Sfbay-web] request for experimentation page on indybay

[Sfbay-web] request for experimentation page on indybay

[Sfbay-web] Re: request for experimentation page on indybay

[Sfbay-web] Re: request for experimentation page on indybay

[Sfbay-web] Re: request for experimentation page on indybay

[Sfbay-web] Re: request for experimentation page on indybay

[Sfbay-web] Re: request for experimentation page on indybay

[Sfbay-web] 10-16-05 irc meeting in #sfbay-work

[Imc-sc-editorial] request to add new folks to list

[Imc-sc-editorial] request to add new folks to list

[Imc-sc-editorial] request to add new folks to list

[Imc-sc-editorial] regional merger

[Imc-sc-editorial] regional merger

[Imc-sc-editorial] Indybay website meeting Sunday, 5pm, at La Pena in Berkeley

[Imc-sc-editorial] [Fwd: deisgn suggestions]

[Imc-sc-editorial] [Fwd: deisgn suggestions]

[Imc-sc-editorial] [Fwd: deisgn suggestions]
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