n. Slang
One that is new to something, especially a novice at using computer technology or the Internet.

Hiraeth wrote:
"Newbie" is just another way of saying "new to something." It could apply to anything. Since Indymedia is a tactic rather than a bureaucratic group, training help might include showing people how to publish or, if they are uncomfortable with technology, how to use it.

Meetings are free form. If you have something you want to talk about or ask questions related to Indymedia tactics, you can do this in a meeting. (To me, its not really any different than the email list except more personal.)

The idea of a general training session aimed at newbies has been proposed.

Santa Cruz Indymedia is a tactic for radical reportage and analysis of current events. Grassroots media makers cover struggles, actions and celebrations for social and environmental justice. From Santa Cruz to South Africa, Madrid to Melbourne, Indymedia is about people telling their own stories. In the continuing era of war mongering politics, independent media is likely to become more important than ever in covering the voices the mainstream media ignore or distort.

Have you ever wondered how Indymedia works? Want to know how to publish to the site or learn about the history of Indymedia? Thought about getting involved but don't know how? Indymedia volunteers will be holding an info session giving a basic introduction to all this and more.

About Santa Cruz Indymedia

Elements of the training session could include:

* How to Publish
* Overview of Indymedia
* Indymedia Software
* Overview of Santa Cruz Indymedia
* Intro to Photography
* Intro to Audio
* Intro to Video
* Intro to HTML
* Using Wiki

-- BradleY - 27 Jan 2005
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