This is a good place to discuss how the technical aspects of SC-IMC operate. We can use this space for helping people develop their tech skills.

Current Tech Requests for Santa Cruz Indymedia

Priority (por favor!):

  • In the top nav-bar, change to "Calendar" link to (will be available via ArbitrarySidebar soon)
  • Listing the topic pages in the left column (done, but the sort order isn't specified below)
  • Limiting categories when publishing to 3 (done...this is a hack (default is 5), so be careful auto-updating
  • Customization of the Publish Page - Bradley will work on the text, but needs tech help to make it happen
  • We need to be able to turn the rating system off (done for articles and for problems, especially with "displayable" property not being set properly)
  • We need to be able to completly eliminate "Anonymous Poster" All users must be required to make up a name. this is very important for admining. (this should be gone from display at this point...does it show up anywhere?)
  • We need the option to display 10 features, instead of just 8. (_Now set by module preference under Misc. Not available until Auto-update is working._(
  • No Pop-Ups in the Radicalendar or Otherpress.
  • We need to be able to customize the city list. For example, making the words "United States" a link to above all the IMCs based in the US. (You can manually take the current file, customize it, rename it, and set that as the include_file under Media Centers module. This is not recommended, as the file is auto-generated, and you will be responsible for keeeping it up to date (not a pretty manual task). If you really want the format of the output to change, request it of the contacts database maintainers)
  • This the requested order for the left column: (done)
    • logo icon
    • calendar graphic
    • calendar event listing
    • search (if it works...)
    • info docs
    • "Get the SC-IMC Newsletter"
    • graphic links
    • Themes
    • login
    • city list
  • Customization of the admin interface
    • display author of post
    • allow for hiding of multiple articles at once

Hopefully (-;

  • dispersed servers -- Thomas thinks this is a good idea, but thinks there is still a lot of work to be done.
  • restoring as much of the database as possible -- Thomas is working on this.


Santa Cruz Indymedia open publishing page (add a new article)

how to publish || editorial policy || make media guide || common questions

Use this form to publish text, images, audio and videos.

For reposts from other sources: use the OtherPress.
For event announcements, you can also add an event to the SC-IMC Calendar.

If you would like to upload more than 3 media files to accompany your post, select the number from the menu and click "Add more upload fields".

Local to the Monterey Bay Area?

Shift-click for up to 3 selections; control- or command-click for discontiguous selection

File Placement: {where it currently says, "Body" and then move "Body" down a little bit}


For best viewing results, and to limit download times, images should be sized to no more than 600 pixels (wide or tall, whichever is larger). With decent compression, your images should be under 45k. {is 45k correct? or, could it be larger?}

Please take this part out:

"Notify author when someone comments on this post."

-- ThomaS (taken from BradleY 's email) - 11 Jan 2005
-- BradleY - 20 Mar 2005 -- added a post-migration to-do list
Topic revision: r9 - 03 May 2005, BradleY
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