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also see recent proposal by jonathan on seattletech list[ BrandF 07 Nov 2002 ]

[ BrandF 12 Oct 2002 ] In agreement with George King IV - - that the "current [homepage] format is mostly empty filler," I propose we change to achieve these goals:
  1. less wasted space at the top of the page (try viewing at 800x600 and see what I mean).
    1. eliminate the apostrophe at start of html file. this pushes the page down one line.
    2. remove one of our two logos (not counting the pumpkin, our third logo!).
  2. Make the newswire more prominent, and the media-type icons more readable.

It would be nice to redesign our left-hand logo with photos in the background, like our long photo/logo. I've assumed that would be a good approach in the following draft homepage: links and html are broken - for viewing only. Tested on WinXP w/ IE6 and Netscape 4.7 at 800x600 and 1024x768.

Any thoughts?
[ anarch3m ] We have an influx of graphical arts types. For one the new presspass form. It was Mon or Tue when he asked to get a presspass. Now he's created us a new one! Another home printshop came by this afternoon, looking for distribution and talking....

Maybe a new page look is in the stars?

Anyone wanna get together and be in a team?

-- I think the dark page design detracts from the credibility to someone just coming by. See the san francisco page design ( and compare it to ours to see what I mean. -nov 10 jd

Local News Desk

Several people have expressed interest in a more formal 'newsdesk' operation. A simple SeaEdNewsDesk page and an active dispatch calendar might be a good start. [ BrandF 07 Nov 2002 ]

Year End Inventory

susan compiled an inventory of seattle imc features: SeaEdFeaturesInventory02 [ BrandF 07 Nov 2002 ]


I plan to share text and photos at SeaEdBrandf. -- BrandF - 20 Sep 2002

Similarly, I'm putting together a similar page (SeaEdJeremyKahn) for my own editorial notes as well -- JeremyKahn - 04 Apr 2003

All Editorial Topics (pages)

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