Nov 19 General Meeting

done [ BrandF 02 Dec 2002 ]


  • volunteer orientation: walt
  • convener: sheri
  • facilitator: nathaniel
  • notetaker: brandon
  • timekeeper: walt
  • next meeting
    • when/where: Tuesday December 3rd 7:05 pm at SeattleIMC
    • convener: brandon


nathaniel, susan, walt, brandon, sheri, jason, richard and yoko
visitors/new volunteers
aaron [philly imc], dan, ivan, genevieve, michael, joshua and evan [visiting from portland to take computers to s. america]


  • richard: Computer basics class "GNU/Linux" being planned
  • richard/brandon: a new (fast) linux box will be added to public computer table

minutes from last meeting

At the Nov 6, it was decided to review minutes of prior meeting to start each meeting. This met with some resistance ("too time consuming", "should be done offline"), but we read them anyway.

[ BrandF 27 Nov 2002 ] I move that the convener be responsible for raising any outstanding issues from the prior minutes, and that the notetaker clarify exactly which issues are decided and which were deferred or ignored. I have started formalizing these thoughts at http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/SeaProcess

  • Discussion around Seattle going through the New IMC process
    • ImcNantesPrinciples of Unity, Membership criteria, Clarify 'empowerment'
    • No blocking concerns were raised, it was decided that the discussion would continue offline, with sheri and walt coordinating an email to imc-seattle inviting comments.
  • A decision was made to empower the space working group.
  • Discussion of how to deal with single-owner projects that are stalled.
  • Budget report is outstanding
  • A/V Equipment - we need to clarify how to configure shared resources (like the video projector). Please use the space list and the studioX list to discuss needs and avoid reconfiguring what someone else just got working.
  • Spokescouncil elections were confirmed at the last meeting, see http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/SeaSpokes for current membership and process details.
  • Comment at close of last meeting: Be Open During Posted "Open" Hours!

agenda items

Missing Notes
About 15 minutes of the meeting (from the end of "prior minutes" until 8pm), was not recorded so I don't have notes for it. Please add your notes for this time period to help fill the gap.

  • CTC
    • brandon: ctc working group met, classes are being planned.
    • susan: big reporting period right now. please ask susan to help you record your hours if you have:
      • Trained users at the public terminals
      • Taught classes
      • Built/Maintained the media lab or public computers
  • Key Distribution
    • Walt's three option proposal: a) use personal discretion b) GM consensus c) online consensus
      • Does not address key holder criteria
    • Joseph's May 2002: A start on a formal key holders policy
    • Walt volunteered himself and Joseph to take the next step, a complete proposal covering:
      • key holder criteria
      • key distribution process
  • New technology might be available for N30: Phone support for posting to, and reading from the newswire. This is in use elsewhere and could provide newswire access to those without computers (don't own one, or for reporting live from the streets).
  • Finance discussion of concerns and support for sending $1100 to help IMC Nigeria and (new imc?) So. Cameroon meet travel expenses for a regional gathering.
    • Evan:
      • Global fund has $35K for these type of emergency expenditures.
      • However, this is the first time Global funds would be used for travel.
      • Some local imcs express concern about costs that are radically different than cost in their local economy.
    • Sheri:
      • For prior events, $1000 has been sent for something like this, and $2000 has been used as a budget.
      • Supports proposal
      • Financial process and criteria are lacking
      • (perhaps?) Funding needs and history (past and future funding sources, current budget, etc.) should affect requests.
      • Do we give money to non IMCs?
    • Susan:
      • Suggests we need an application for funding requests
        • Inquire about other funding sources
        • Define criterial for requests
      • Many financial precedents have been set by the spending history of the seattle IMC.
        • Seattle has rarely said no
        • We have always simply trusted that the fund request was good (valid, cost effective, important, etc.)
    • Brandon: we need a global and local budget before we can make good decisions.
    • Walt: local imcs should know what funds are available for request, and how to do it.
    • Jason: Is offering a lower amount a workable option? (i.e. would the meeting still happen?)
    • The collective (sheri motioned, brandon seconded) decided to support the proposal with some concerns.
      • Sheri will send our support and concerns to the global audience (?)
  • Tech Solidarity (global / local project)
    • Proposal to fund ram for SVSD computers was introduced, and then withdrawn after discussion.
    • evan:
      • the tech solidarity project has it's roots in some ruckus camp planning. an oakland non-profit and http://www.freegeek.org have been very involved. The money was raised from the Portland IMC, personal funds, a grant, and donations from a prominent web link. ACCRC (alameda county computer recycling center?) provides surplus computer parts for free, but they don't have PC-66 ram, which is required for the SVSD computers.
      • Find Hi-8 video cameras, and old computers - they are largely considered junk in the us, and very useful in other environments. Hi-8 cameras are desired because the analog format is very compatible.
      • First shipment:
        • 250 computers are in a shipping container en-route to equador to be distributed to imcs and social movements that lack computer access. Arrival expected end of november.
        • Money should be available from budget of first shipment. $6,300 total funds raised. $3,500 has yet to be spent, but final costs are unknown.
      • Next Shipment: need to fund hardware, and coordinate assembly in portland. Will include the 100 seattle imc computers (donated by SVSD), and is headed to [pardon spelling] Buenes Aires, Rasaio, Uraguy, and So. Brasil.
    • sheri:
      • let's look for other sources of money for the ram
      • volunteered to contact (and re-contact) funders and try to raise money.
      • we should use leftover money first
      • the current seattle imc budget does not sustain rent, so Seattle should not fund this project.
      • let's do a global/local feature on this project, linking to the salon.com article, which could generate paypal donations and interest.
    • aaron: volunteered to help on feature idea.
    • brandon: we need to develop non-profit, govt, and corporate contacts for bulk parts and other needs.
    • susan: agrees with, and interested in helping with: outreach, fundraising, and feature article.
    • walt: we need to get out there and ask for money, and hold off on spending money right now.
    • evan:
      • Seattle lacks a non-profit computer recycling center, so the need exists locally for this work.
      • Brasil imc wants a small shipment (which has a higher cost per unit) by the end of january 2003, to prepare for the (world social forum?).
  • Finance
    • Status report - skipped - nobody to give report.
    • sheri (?): Our rent went up by $900 recently (actual rent increase + loss of subtenant)
    • brandon: the seattle budget needs more collective ownership and transparency
    • susan: the finance working group has some interest and should reconvene
    • sheri: Our finance replacement is not chosen yet. Collective already decided to hire an hourly accountant if needed. Need status from cinde on status of position, and how training will occur given the short time remaining.
    • Walt: agreed to follow up with cinde
  • New IMC Process - deferred for lack of time.
  • Need status on lights, is using a contractor, as previously decided, a go or no-go?
  • The Space working group is still crystalizing
    • No budget or general proposal submitted to collective yet.
      • need to settle on numbers for supplies based on historical spending.
    • Process Clarification :
      • To get reimbursed for acceptable purchases (need clarification, until then play it safe), put a receipt in the finance mail slot and then email the finance contact.
      • Seattle IMC check signers:
        • Sheri Herndon
        • Susan Gleason
        • Cinde MacGugan
        • Joel F.
  • Nathaniel: JPN post failed to display properly on seattle.indymedia.org
    • evan: other imcs have solved this, email to global list
  • Nathaniel: Need tech volunteers for radio. Agreed to send radio training information
  • sheri: Girl Radio is alive and well, female High School students from Bainbridge Island will be learning about internet radio, and creating their own content in a weekly workshop at the IMC. - theme "Mandate for Change"
  • need CTC class to teach wiki web sites


  • late start to the meeting again, convener should start on time
  • too much focus on process gave the meeting negative tone, which might be a turn off to new (and old!) members
  • IWW meeting space is desired, and could be a subtenant candidate
  • evan: positive meeting evaluation, typical imc issues came up. very good attendence. reading the minutes at the start of the meeting was awkward, could be handled offline.
  • sheri: process clarifications should not become a burden on the spirit of the meeting.
    • Wants to see seattle collective contribute to the global budget discussion of Nigeria proposal and related issues. This improves our global collective intelligence.
    • a regional conference is being planned, and the vancouver imc has volunteered to host (Pacific Northwest Social Forum?)
  • Josh: good, positive meeting. off-topic and other issues at times, but that's normal.

-- BrandF - 23 Nov 2002
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