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This operations wiki page is meant to supplement the IMC Operations manual and the imc-seattle-space mailing list).

Table of Contents:

also see: Events Calendar | SeaCTC

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On Paper

Our paper information flow consists of
  • the log book
    • equipment check-out
  • cash received ledger
  • phone msg books
  • incomming mail slot
  • operations manual


The next space meeting has yet to be scheduled.

Space Staffing

Hours of Inspiration

  • Day Captain: 12-3 Daniel




  • Day Captain: 12-3 Walter

  • Day Captain shifts: (available)

  • Day Captain: (available)


The following services should be generally available for the public/media makers when the IMC Space is open. ()
  • 4 Public Internet Terminals
  • Copier
  • Scanning Station (not working at present - BrandF 28 Sep 2002)
  • Audio encode/edit station
  • Video capture/edit station
  • Video Dubbing station (not installed at present - BrandF 28 Sep 2002)
  • Video library and viewing area
  • Video projection and PA audio system
  • radioX DJ station with live internet stream
  • Bathroom smile
  • retail sales (see SeaSpaceRetail page).

Equipment Check-Out

Please check out the supporting info that may help us formulate a good Equipment check-out policy.

Space To-Do

  • Get the cash register working -- see the SeaSpaceRetail page.
  • Get a regular shopper to get basic supplies

-- BrandF - 28 Sep 2002
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