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Contact Information

  • This box is operated by the tech collective in Seattle.
  • For ALL support questions, please email JimBeck ( ), stefani, or BrandF
  • Box is a P2 233 with 200M RAM, 4G main system disk and 8G data storage. Running a fresh install of Debian 3.0 'Woody' release. It uses DHCP on the local network and is named 'Arendt' on the 'IMC' windows workgroup (Thx to Jonathan J for a good name).
  • Main function is as a Samba server. As of now, there are two shares: a public share that's read-only for 'imcguest' and read/write for 'office'. Another called 'Office' is accessible only to people who log in as the 'office' user. There's room for another drive, so it could become Mega-Storage if need be.
  • Sitting next to the rack on the floor, with a large pink sign taped to it.
  • There are other users for imcmedia and imcradio, but we're waiting for people to express interest in how things should go. And certainly everything done so far can be changed to meet the needs of any groups.

General Info

Right now our main fileserver, Chaos, is running out of space. This just gives us a place to put new files for public viewing, or scratch space for media and office people. We may move some files from Chaos over to the new server when it gets some more storage. Anyone got a spare 160G disk?

Brandon if coordinating the distribution of passwords, so see him if you want access.
-- JimBeck - 27 Jan 2003
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