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Wiki Plan

Pros and Cons

Wikis prevent the "one person intranet" syndrome because they are controlled by their participants. They are also anarchistic and transparent by nature, always available (including old versions), and packed with useful collaboration features. It is important to note that wiki content is dynamic, and rarely does it reflect consensus.

Proposed Implementation

File storage

  • All wiki page accept attachments, so we should be able to centralize all public doncs on the wiki
  • Private files should be stored on the server chaos
  • Not currently a production server
    • kropotkin is a non-production server, so until docs.indymedia gets moved, it should NOT be considered 100% safe.

Printable wiki pages

any wiki page can be printed out for the space (like a list of public computer policies), or for volunteers (like minutes from a prior meeting).

Wiki Help


Naming conventions

Page layout

  • Two samples are available for starting new pages:
  • Two seattle "header" menus have been created, and can be included into any page by 'including' them, like so:
    • %INCLUDE{Local.SeaMenu}% - large header menu
    • %INCLUDE{Local.SeaMenuSmall}% small menu

Feature Notes


  • Seattle can create and use custom TWikiVariables, which can be viewed and edited at WebPreferences.
    • Note: TWikiVariables cannot contain newline characters, so the "value" of the variable needs to be on the line of text immediately following "Set VARIABLENAME = ".
  • Built in:
    • Table of Contents: %TOC%
      • Automatically uses header html tags (< H3 > and ---+++) to build TOC
    • Include another topic: %INCLUDE{"topicname"}%
    • Return list of topics: %SEARCH{search="searchterm" web="all or webname" nosearch="on" regex="on"}%

  • Nav Bar
    • Local nav bar (for all imcs) is at WebMenu. Seek prior consensus before editing.

Add Topic Form

  • confusing feature that allows easier creation of topics, including use of templates


  • NOOP html tag:
    • prevent wiki formatting, like ---++++ or ---
    • prevent a link BlankLink
    • prevent an include %TOC%

  • VERBATIM and PRE html tags can be useful as well

Meta Data



a page listing all topics starting with "Sea"
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