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Thank you for applying to become an IMC-Credentialed Journalist. Anyone is free to post media to IMC websites; IMC press credentials are intended solely to identify you in public as a member of the press, and to establish your eligibility to use IMC resources for media production. Please read through this sheet and fill out the form below. Information provided here will be kept private, except as follows: The IMC will confirm that you are a recognized press pass holder upon request. The IMC may release personal information in the event of a medical emergency.

Seattle IMC Mission Statement

The Seattle Independent Media Center is a grassroots organization committed to using media production and distribution as tools for promoting social and economic justice. Through this work, we seek to further the self-determination of people under-represented in the media, and to illuminate and analyze local and global issues that impact ecosystems, communities and individuals. We are dedicated to generating alternatives to the corporate media and to identifying and creating positive models for a sustainable and equitable society.

Responsibilities and Benefits of IMC-Credentialed Journalists

  • IMC Journalists will behave nonviolently when using IMC resources, or when covering events as an IMC press pass holder. This includes refraining from abusive or discriminatory language and behavior.
  • IMC Journalists will not engage in any illegal activities while in the IMC space.
  • Access/use of IMC resources will be determined at the discretion of the IMC collective. Access will be assigned based on four criteria: (1) those under-represented in media production and content; (2) those with demonstrated abilities; (3) those with proven distribution channels; (4) those most willing to provide unrestricted access to their resources.
  • The IMC is a space for media work; no direct action planning will take place within the space. However we strongly encourage coverage of direct action and interviews with people involved in this vital form of resistance.
  • It is IMC journalists\x92 responsibility to ask if you don't know how to use a piece of equipment and to wait until you are properly trained before using any equipment.
  • Press pass bearers become IMC Affiliate Members with the responsibilities and benefits described above. Full Membership in the Seattle IMC carries additional responsibilities and benefits, as described in the IMC Structure and Governance documents (by-laws).
  • Journalists bearing IMC credentials are eligible to use IMC equipment and resources in accordance with guidelines established by the IMC collective. They assume responsibility for the safety of such equipment during its use, and remain solely responsible for their own actions.

Name (print) _____________________ Signature/date__________________________

Contact info: Address_________________________________Phone__________________

Valid Through:_______

E-mail_____________________________ ID type, # (copy attached)_________________________

Emergency/legal contact:_____________________________________________________________

I have read, and personally support, the IMC Mission Statement (above).

I agree to abide by the established guidelines for use of IMC resources (above).

May we add you to our database? Yes No Interested in volunteering at the IMC? Yes No

By filling out and signing the above, I accept the responsibilities and benefits conferred on me as an IMC Affiliate Member. This membership is granted by the IMC collective for the purpose of my journalistic work, and may be revoked by the collective if I violate the terms of this agreement.

-- JonathanLawson - 04 Jun 2002

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