This page is for feedback and analysis of the Film festivals in November 2004. Ideas posted here can be saved and used for further such events.

What could we have done better/differently for this years film festival

  • If we'd had the venue confirmed much earlier we could have commited time and energy into the publicity much earlier

  • If we had specific more Film Fest only meetings we could perhaps have got more people involved in the organising. As it was there was only about 4 of us that had any responsibility for making the event work. This might also have lead to some people wanting to get involved in Indymedia afterward too perhaps. We could have emailed other lists inviting people to come to the first meeting for instance. For people who didn't want to go to meeting we could have had one volunteers meeting to outline what needed doing and figure out who was doing what and when.

  • It could have been a bit more interactive. More people talking and invoking discussion. Possibly different seating arrangments - circles are generally much better for getting discussions going. Maybe some kind of half circle or something. As it was it was too much like a normal cinema where people don't really get to voice their opinion.

  • Too long for the number of people we had working there. Maybe start later on Saturday and perhaps not do Sunday. A proper organised party on Saturday night would probably have raised much more money.

  • More positive and less depressing films. Several people I spoke to found they could only watch a very limited amount of the analylitical stuff looking at what is wrong with the world. Direct action footage and funny stuff is needed in larger quantities.

-- SteveAntiwar - 15 Nov 2004
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