Sheffield IMC Documentary Film Festival 2005

To be held on 24 - 26th November 2005 at Matilda in Sheffield.

Organising this is mostly being sorted on the imc-sheffield list, see the October and November archives, see also last years SheffieldDocFest2004.


We need people to help us run the bar/stall and the door. We need 6 people at all times so two shifts will require 12 people and 3 will need 18. If you can donate some time please SheffieldSignUpHere (free entry too!)


This was orginally sent to the list.


SheffieldFilmFestPublicity including the flyer and poster and programme.

Theme 1 - Globalisation, Neoliberalism

  • Kids Stuff Film - new explaining capitalism
  • Trading Freedom - what is the FTAA and action against it.
  • The Take - film by Naiomi Klein on argentinians taking over their factories (shown at Anarchist Film fest in Newcastle last year)
  • The Yes Men - pranks against WTO and other things
  • Orange Farm water - privatisation in South Africa

Theme 2 - War, occupation, terrorism etc

  • Iraq uncovered
  • Weapons of Mass Deception - new film about biased report during the iraq war and build up (Cambridge have a copy)
  • World according to Bush - doc on bush and the neocons
  • Afghan massacre - film on the war crimes of the northern alliance supervised by US troops (Cambridge has a copy and other imcs have had film nights for this film)
  • Sun doesn't shine in the camp (and other balata short film projects are downloadable)
  • Walled in - short film from War on Want about the wall in palestine
  • camp X-ray - life size and operational reconstruction of guantanamo in manchester - reactions of locals to it and all that
  • Indefensible - Desi 2003 and also short from 2005

Theme 3 - Cultural activism

  • battle of the Beanfield
  • World Traveller Adventures: 4 substantial docs about spiral tribe their (1) history and politics, (2) going to Bosnia, other soundsystems in Africa and India, extra doc about music in reclaim the streets actions
  • Well Done now Sod off - entertaining doc about anarchist band Chumbawamba, from miners strike gigs to selling 5m cds in USA, their politics and accusations of selling out! (we have met them a few times, could get try and one of them to speak at fest - also one was at the matilda kitchen in stirling chopping veg with us all, if you didn't notice!)
  • Cubana Hiphop film - we showed it last year, but it was late in the night - could show again
  • $100 and a T-shirt - film about rad underground zine writers
  • Couple of others to be tracked down yet, partic on radical girrrrrl cultural activism.

Theme 4 - Variety of action shorts

Could stand alone of be weaved through out the programme

  • G8 newsreel
  • 2005 reel2reel - action round up
  • Schnews the movie
  • Jill Phipps film about animal rights, live exports movement - know the film maker and he is up for coming up and talking about the film
  • Woomera breakout
  • Lab of Insurrectionary Imagination shorts
  • We still ride

To do

  1. Press/Media contacts
  2. Leaflet/Programme distribution- where to place them pubs, clubs, unis, colleges, museumsshops etc
  3. Create Docfest website. We can do this on and use the flyer graphics for it.
  4. Put prominent link on sheff IMC site linking through to docfest site.
  5. design and publicity. get people to design stuff.
  6. online/internet publicity - messageboards, websites, uni groups, schools(?) tourist websites...whatever, eg
  7. Can we use CIQ mailing list?
  8. Need to sort out with Matilda what we need from them and what part of the space we wish to use.
  9. Chairs - can we get anymore - off skips - whatever - I guess we'll need a few.
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