IMC Sheffield - Discussion about UK IMC G8 2005 organising in Scotland

Steve raised a number of concerns about the £1,500 debt incured by ImcUk in Scotland at the ImcUkG8 which lead to a big discussion on imc-sheffield and other network lists.

G8 Planning

Steve said:

Sheffield wasn't really invited to help with stuff in Scotland at all. All we got was an invite to join a list to help with coordination. There was no explanation of what that actually meant or what was planned or how much money was needed or anything.

Following are some links to posts in the imc-sheffield list archives that mentioned Indymedia planning for the G8 in 2005.


The G8 was on the agenda in September 2003 for the 18th and 19th October 2003 IMC UK Network Meeting which was held in Sheffield.

In December 2003 Dave said, in relation to Indymedia organising for the ESF in London:

You can also be sure it will contain a strong element discussing uk / european plans for any mobilisation around the G8 the following year in 2005 (if they stick with uk as a venue).

Final thought - tens of thousands of people will come to the uk to participate in the ESF. Many will look to indymedia to provide a whole host of things not least of all reporting. So why not view it as a training exercise for G8 in 2005?


The G8 in Scotland was first discussed at a meeting on the 12th of January 2004. It was also on the 27th January meeting agenda.

At the 9th Feb 2004 meeting setting up a G8 2005 action topic on the web site was discussed.

In May there was a report back from the 16 May 2004 UK Network meeting in Cambridge which suggested that at the ESF the UK Network could:

Get people more aware of and involved in Indymedia or independent media activities, with a view towards funnelling energy into G8 coverage.

In June the notes from IMC Mini Network Mtg (12th June) were posted to the list and these included mentions of organising for the G8:

can people also send this to their local imc lists please, it's essential that we keep people in the loop.

Also discussed idea of getting an actual indymedia vehicle (big bus or two smaller vans?). Funding may be available. Could be used for esf, then to support outreach tours and mobile reporting, then for the G8 in July 05.


Need to start getting more concrete discussions and participation going - especially as "THIS IS NOT A DRILL!" - ie uk network has never done anything on this scale before, and there will be similar (and no doubt more intense) demands on the network for the G8 in scotland next year in july...

proposed: idea to have several meetings between now and esf:

1) irc feedback meeting and discussion - in a couple of weeks

2) irc decision making meeting - end of july

3) face to face meeting after that

4) proper full network meeting right at the start of september to do esf and early G8 planning

G8 2005 was on the 28th June 2004 meeting agenda.

In August 2005 the creation of the imc-g8-2005 list was announced:

i set up the mailing list for coordinating imc activities during the G8 summit next year. it's called imc-g8-2005 at go to to subscribe to it.

In October 2004 a proposal for a UK Network Gathering 2005 was posted to the list from Bristol IMC:

We also feel that a UK Network Gathering would be essential in preparation for the G8 next July. Our offer is therefore to host this gathering in spring 2005.

Also in October the list first became aware that the G8 comes to Sheffield in June 2005.

In December 2004 the following was posted to the list:

Two things re indy planning for the G8 next year.

One is a proposal to set aside a good chunk of time for discussing this at the bristol network meeting (since it's clear that such a massive task will require as much participation as possible from all imc groups throughout these islands, and other non imc specific groups)

For note there are the following resources for organising already set up:

The general IMC G8 2005 Email List is at: imc-g8-2005

so subscribe if you're interested...

Indymedia Scotland G8 Wiki Pages: ImcScotlandG8

Imc uk Network G8 Wiki Pages: ImcUkG8

And the G8 was discussed at Decembers meeting.


At the January meeting the UK Network Meeting was discussed and that it would:

cover preparations for the G8 and Mir and wider network stuff.

In Feburary 2 pre-G8 proposals were sent to the list, one of these was:

The Solar Power Proposal (includes wind power too but is catchier as TSPP)

I have been in contact with some solar-power people about a mobile media centre that would run off solar power. I have also been in contact with a solar-power-pusher who we could buy solar / wind gear from, and be able to set up anywhere to do media work off the grid. Will any collective commit to doing a fundraiser specifically aimed at supporting a mobile media centre? Costs: If we go with an already-existing solar van, we would need to cover the costs of the people who drive to Scotland (1 or 2 vans, probably). Alternately, we could be looking at buying the gear and having it forever, a quote is on its way to me and should be available soon. The collective that does the fundraising gets to engrave its name on the solar panels, unless this degrades photovoltaic efficiency in which case it doesn't, because we're gonna need every amp for media-ass-kicking the hegemonics.

In March the list recieved an invitation to the UK Independent Media Convergence in London:

In order to prepare independent coverage of the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, and the various activities being planned around the summit (See CONTEXT section below), Indymedia UK will be hosting an independent/alternative media convergence on 14-15 May, 2005, in London.

The convergence will be a great opportunity for independent journalists, media activists, techs, and artists from all over Europe to meet each other, find out what this summit is all about, and plan non-corporate media coverage.

This will also be the a good time to form working groups (by media and by languages) and to discuss organization issues beforehand.

There's a program proposal for the convergence at the end of this post. Please direct any proposals or comments you may have about that to the email list address: imc-g8-2005 at

If you intend to come to the media convergence and/or for the summit, please fill out the registration form below and e-mail it to us (email: contact at with the word "Registration" in the subject line). This email list is not publicly archived and your details will not be put on public view.

All corporate media reporters, except ones that we invite due to their honesty and integrity, are barred from participating in this convergence.

NOTE: Even if you don't get involved with the planning, if you're going to come you should subscribe to the announcements email list for the convergence, found at You will not receive much email from this list, but it will be the main way in which we will notify people of schedule changes, venues, etc.


Please note that all lists below are publicly archived in the interest of transparency, so anything you send to them will end up on the web.

General e-mail and planning: imc-g8-2005 at

Questions and/or proposals about technical stuff: imc-uk-tech at

About the program for the Media Convergence: imc-g8-2005 at

About Indymedia UK: imc-uk-outreach at

LANGUAGES Most of the convergence events will be held in English (with translation when needed) and we'll do our best to provide translations (please indicate your preferred language(s) and if you can help translating on your registration form).

HOUSING Indymedia will organize housing for people from outside London (see form below).

FINANCING Monetary contributions for the convergence are on a voluntary basis (but would be greatly appreciated).

EQUIPMENT The convergence would be a great time to drop off any equipment you're willing to lend (or donate) to Indymedia for July. For details on what we could use, please contact g8-gear at

STAYING IN TOUCH In order to receive all important info about the convergence, you should subscribe to imc-g8-2005-announce at this URL :

REGISTRATION FORM - Please fill out if you intend to come either to the convergence or for the summit. Please send back to imc-uk-contact at as soon has possible (with the word Registration on the subject line)

NAME(S)/NICK (if you're forming a group, please write all names/nicks):






WHEN DO YOU PLAN TO ARRIVE? For the convergence (Friday evening on May 13, Saturday morning on May 14, other...) ?: For the Summit (from July 1 to 9) ? :

WHAT MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION DO YOU PLAN TO USE? : (If you come by car would you be willing to offer lifts?)




DO YOU HAVE SPECIALS NEEDS FOR HOUSING? (i.e. no pets, women only space, no stairs, others...)



*You don't have to answer these questions


Note that this is a proposal. If you have comments, ideas, or anything to contribute to the program, please contact imc-g8-2005 at


Friday, 13 May 2005

Evening: Pre-convergence drinks

Saturday, 14 May 2005

9:00 Convergence begins, introductions

9:45 Maps, video, holograms of the Summit site in Scotland

10:30 Outline of preparations so far

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Media assembly begins - decision-making body for independent media coverage

15:00 Working group meetings begin (video, audio, tech, mobile, print, etc.)

17:00 Feedback to media assembly

18:00 Food, evening entertainment

Sunday, 15 May 2005

9:30 Media assembly begins - decision-making body for independent media coverage 10:30 Break into working groups (video, audio, tech, mobile, print, etc.)

12:00 Lunch

1:00 More working group meetings

3:00 Feedback to media assembly

5:00 Food, evening entertainment


The leaders of the Group of 8 (G8) industrialized nations (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States), hold a summit meeting every year to make decisions about major political and economic issues. Over the past ten years, the G8 summits have been increasingly challenged by global social movements and have had to retreat to relatively remote locations in order to meet. This year, the G8 summit will be held at the Gleneagles golf course in Scotland, about one hour north of Edinburgh.

Major protest actions are planned to coincide with the Summit. A network of independent media producers will provide non-corporate coverage of the demonstrations from 1-9 July 2005.

The UK Independent Media Convergence in London was on the 11 April meeting agenda.

Also in April a Local Indymedia outreach for G8 email was posted to the list:

the trapese g8 education roadshow is out and about over the next two months and there is a small tour by schnews as well as other relevant events.

this is a proposal to ask local imc collectives to attend the relevant local events to do some outreach for getting people involved in planning and doing coverage.

On April 18th 2005 Sheffield IMC recieved another invitation to the UK Independent Media Convergence in London, 14-15th May:

Although the decision to have it was made at the last Network Meeting in Bristol, nobody has yet formally invited the entire network to the independent media convergence in London on 14-15 May 2005. This convergence will hopefully involve a lot of imc-uk people (it does already) as well as many other groups and individuals. We've currently got a great place sorted out in central London as a venue, and people coming from all over Europe to plan coverage of the G8.

The convergence will be an open space where people can get together to make practical plans about editorial, radio, video and photo coverage, as well as figuring out the issues surrounding the tech setup of the media centre and a mobile media vehicle that goes where the action is. We would very much like to see everybody from Indymedia UK plug into the convergence and help plan stuff, and it's also a great time to encourage people who aren't involved in Indymedia to check things out. This is not going to be a meeting to talk about the UK network, it's very much a hands-dirty, practical planning meet to figure out how G8 coverage will work. We also want people from other media outfits and campaigns, and individuals with weird skills (maybe we could build a live wireless-internet video mobile unit during the weekend?)

So, it would be great if many of you can make it. If you're coming, it'd be great to know so we can get a decent estimate of how many people are coming beforehand - there's a registration form and callout available at

There is also a status update available at:

The infamous G8 media wiki is at: ImcUkG8

And finally a video invitation is at:

Anybody who wants to help out, wants further info, has questions about what the convergence is all about, how it will work, etc., feel free to either email me directly ( yossarian AT aktivix dot org ) or email the g8 media planning list at imc-g8-2005 at lists dot indymedia dot org

In June the UK IMC G8 start page special, which was up for most of the summer was copied to the list and delayed to make way for a start page special on the Sheffield G8 actions.

G8 Debt

Steve said:

Personally I'm in favour of donating some money to the IMC deficit but not all of it. After all we weren't invited to comment on the borrowing of the money in the first place.

To me it seems out of order first getting into big debt without consulting us and then wanting to use our event (and presumably other IMCs) to pay it back. We're really being used. It's a very unhealthy relationship. There's a real hierarchy there.

At the start of June the issue of the \xA31,500 was raised on imc-uk-process:

i propose to 'loan' another 1500 pounds from the server money in the account to g8 purposes. this money should still be accounted as server money and any g8 fundraising should cover these costs. in case there is a need to buy new servers that would have to use these 'loaned' 1500 pounds and the g8 fundraising has not covered that amount, i offer to shoot up to 1.5k up front until the cash is in.

this proposal is deadlined to saturday 11th june 12pm.

This proposal was seconded and on the 17th of June it was passed:

the proposal for re-allocating funds in the network account has passed. just as a refresher, it means that we allocate all available 'general' money for the g8, and loan 1.5k from the server to the g8 fund. this loan is to be repaid though through g8 fundraising, but until that happens the 1.5k are guaranteed by me and gdm.

with the recount, there's now 3257.40 allocated for g8 purposes. for more details see the network account twiki UkNetworkAccount#Account_Breakdown

In July 2005 the the G8 debt was mentioned:

Indymedia is down some dollar from the G8 coverage and the costs of the centre there.

It was blatently worth it tho' and I've got some really good film material from it.

In August the expenditure list was reported to imc-uk-process:

the g8 costs as collected on the g8-contact list:

       \xA3 500.00 edinbgh venue hire
       \xA31410.68 edinbgh venue phone and diy 
       \xA3 701.63 edinbgh computers
       \xA3  50.00 edinbgh extra monitors
       \xA3 200.00 faslane
       \xA3 168.85 video group
       \xA3 500.00 satellite truck
       \xA33531.16 total confirmed ie minimum costs
       \xA3 144.99 unconfirmed costs, to be sorted
       \xA33676.15 maximum costs

       \xA33757.40 allocated (including 1.5k loan from server fund)

nearly all of the costs are paid or in the process of being paid, and I'll twiki the exact breakdown all written-out cheques have cleared, and the exact costs of the video group been clarified.

so that means that we have used pretty much ALL of the money we had set aside in the network account for g8 costs, including the loan from the server fund. so we better get started to fundraise just under one-and-a-half grand!!!

things are slightly confusing as we had 1500 coming in, from an unknown (to me) source; but I heard in the grapevine that this was a loan for in case of emergency and needs to be paid back which I'll do once I'm provided with details. but what a pity, it would cover exactly what we need to fundraise wink

In August the Sheffield meeting it was agreed to organise some fundraising for the G8 debt:

7. G8 UK IMC in debt - propose a benefit party night with soundsystems, films etc possibly on 24th September - propose to Matilda meeting.

In September Helen reported that:

At the recent IMC network work weekend in Sheffield fund raising for the deficit after the G8 was discussed. Sheff IMC is holding its second 3 day film fest at the end of November in the new social centre - Matilda (see It was proposed that Sheff IMC host a party that weekend (with other imcers helping run it) to raise funds to cover the G8 debt. Matilda collective have given this the go ahead. The second proposal to raise funds was to make the sheff film fest in to a UK one, one that could perhaps 'tour' in other regions after Sheffield. For us to make the Sheff one sparkle enough to merit repeating would need some help from the network in pulling together a programme of films. What do people think?

Grateful for film suggestions (and copies of films) for the Sheff weekend anyhow!
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