If you have a video, CD ROM or DVD of anything suitable for IMC screenings - short or long - put here along with your name and or contact details. If you'd like to borrow something listed either contact the person directly or sheffield@indymedia.org.

Film Description Length Format Contact
13 Experiments in Hope Shorts from the Lab of Insurrectionary Imagination ? mins DVD steve
Afghan Massacre Complicity of US troops in massacre of thousands of Afghans 50 mins CD ROM steve
Berlusconi's Mousetrap Genova anti-G8 2001 120 mins VHS Helene
Beyond the Screams A US Latino - Chicano punk doc 30 mins VHS Helene
Cain's Film biopic about Alexander Trocchi, infamous drug fiend - 1969 38 mins DVD steve
Capitalism and other kids stuff eloqent critique of capitalism 51 mins DVD steve
Coconut Revolution Corporate Power meets eco-resistance in West Papua 50 mins VHS steve
Compa\xF1ero Piquetero/Piquete Puente Pueyrredon Argentinian IMF protests 50 mins VHS simon
Confronting the Evidence anomolies of 9.11 3 hrs DVD steve
The Corporation renowned documentary DVD 3 hrs approx ?
Crowd bites Wolf Humourous documentary about Prague 2k 23 mins VHS steve
Cry Freedom True story about escape from Apartheid South Africa 2hrs approx DVD steve
Culture Jammers Video Adbusters TV ads 16 mins VHS steve
Distorted Morality Noam Chomsky on the War on Terror 3 hrs DVD steve
End of Suburbia Highly acclaimed Peak Oil documentary 78 min DVD steve
European Newsreal #6 Indymedia stories from 2003? ?? divX CD ROM steve
Fourth World War Look at the global anticapitalist movement 74 mins CD ROM steve
Gandhi Biopic of non-violent geezer 183 min DVD steve
Genoa Citta Aperta Genoa documentary 2002 49 mins Realplayer steve
Get Over It Rotherham and the effects of job losses 90 mins DVD steve
GNU/London Linux use in London 30 mins VHS FLG
Grass history of cannabis laws in the US 1.5hrs DVD steve
If Dogs Run Free No Borders camps etc. 2004 33 mins DVD mpeg steve
Indefensible Disarm DSEi 2003 ?? mins DVD steve
In Whose Interest US Foreign Policy post 9/11 27 mins VHS FLG
Jacques Mesrine/Les Bulles des Cardinal True story of contemporary french Robin Hood figure 90 mins steve
Jills film Moving documentary 10 years after the death of Jill Phipps, animal rights activist killed whilst protesting against Live Exports 1.5hrs approx DVD steve & Helene
June 18th documentary about the historic day 30 mins approx DVD steve
Life in the Fast Lane No M11 story 85 mins VHS Helene
Manufacturing Consent Noam Chomsky and the media 3 hours DVD + CD simon + steve
Marihuana Marihuana Hiliarous documentary about Amsterdam Marihuana farmers 40 mins DVD steve
Mississipi Burning Racism in US in 1964 2 hrs 1 min DVD steve
Natural Born Killers dirctors cut Mainstream media creates stories 117 min DVD steve
Newbury: Wars of the British Tree People Newbury protests obviously! 43 mins VHS Helene
Peak Oil: Imposed by Nature Peak Oil doc film length? DVD steve
Not This Time - 2002 update The Story of the Simon Jones memorial campaign 24 mins VHS steve
Operation Solstice Battle of the Beanfield documentary 47 mins DVD steve
Orwell Rolls in his grave Expose of media corps with Orwell quotes from 1984 & Animal Farm ?mins CD ROM steve
Precarity 17 short films 197 mins DVD steve
Real to Reel vol 3 2005 An hour of shorts from 2005 + an hour of classics 2 hrs DVD steve
Revolting in Prague World bank/IMF protests in Sept 2000 ?mins DVD xine steve
Still We Ride Repression of Critical Mass bike ride in New York 37 mins DVD steve
The Society of the Spectacle certainly the most important radical film ever made. 89mins DVD steve
Tactical Frivolity Girl power in Prague 2k 45 mins?? VHS steve
Terminator Sci Fi critique of technology/ AI 1hr 43 min DVD steve
Terminator 2 sequel to above 147 mins DVD steve
This is what Democracy Looks Like big noise film ? mins CD ROM steve
Trading Freedom the secret life of the FTAA ? mins CD ROM steve
Undercurrents various stuff ?mins CD ROM steve
Unprecedented: 2000 US Election How Dubya stole the 2000 election 120 mins VHS FLG
The Matrix Classic Sci Fi with special relevence to the media 2hrs 11 min DVD steve
Outfoxed Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism 75 mins CD ROM steve
The Pie's The Limit San Francisco Pie Throwers 35 mins VHS simon
Undercurrents 10 3/4 Globalisation and the media; Revolting in Prague; stop the crop 60 mins VHS Helene
Visit Dungavel - Monster of the Glen About Dungavel detention centre 25 mins DVD steve
Weapons of Mass Deception The media war in the Iraq war 75 mins DVD steve
The Weather Underground Award winning documentary from 2003 about part of anti-Vietnam war movement 1hr 30 mins CD ROM & DVD steve
We Interrupt this Empire SF antiwar movement shuts down the city 1hr approx VHS/DVD FLG/steve
The World According to Bush French doc examining the Bush regime and the neocons. Similar to Fahrenheit 911 but reckoned by many to be better. ??mins CD ROM steve
Why We Fight Real reasons for US war 100 mins DVD steve
XXI Century US Foreign policy 420 mins DVD Chip
The Yes Men about the Yes Men 1.5 hrs approx DVD steve
Zapatista Big Noise's doc on 'em 56 min VHS Helene

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Some films online:

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