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Indymedia Summer Camp 2004

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This site is to collect ideas and in preparation for an Indymedia meeting with local IMCs from Europe, the Middle East and Africa in summer 2004.

QuestioNnaire: Local IMCs: We would like you to fill out the following questionaire to find out what you are up to (individually or as a whole imc). If you don't care about meeting us, please answer at least question 3 (this only applies for whole imcs, not for each person who has something better to do this summer). Please send filled QuestioNnaire before April 11 to imc-europe-commwork at lists.indymedia.org.

  • Some people are worried that the camp will not be well organised, and the same disappointments of people in the Berne meeting will happen again. Only time will tell whether this is a minimally or a maximally organised meeting.
  • E.g. there are about 5-6 committed people from IMC Athens EuroCommwork031018

IRC meeting - 16:00 GMT Sun 15 Feb 2004 (17:00 CET Paris/Poland/Zagreb, 18:00 Greece, Beirut, 23:59 Kuala Lumpur)

imc-europe-commwork(at)indymedia.org is the organisation mailing list, but updates etc will also be posted on imc-europe(at)indymedia.org.

  • How: ideas for a set-up, working groups, skill sharing and discussions

SummerCampMeetingNotes2 SummerCampMeetingNotes2b (scratch page)

SummerCampMeetingNotes3 (scratch page 07.03.04)


We come together at summits and at events organized by others, and there seems to be a lot to discuss, to learn about and from another, a lot of help, critism and cooperation to offer. And of course there is the need to see one another, to put faces to names, to learn to know one another beyond emails.

So far the idea is to come together in one big meeting with Indymedia volunteers from Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Once a place and time is found, all effort should go into finding out the different needs and wishes, into preparing discussions and workshops so that we can get beyond big plenary sessions but make it a fruitfull, creative meeting.

Some ideas came up in the discussions and preparation around the NextFiveMinutes meeting.

A further idea is that this conference could be linked somehow with the ImcOceaniaConf2004 that is happening 'down under'. This may be throught the use of irc communication channels, streaming audio or video, or possibly even through the distribution of newssheets spanning the northern and southern hemispheres... There are many possibilites but it could be a really exciting opportunity.

When and where?

This site has been re-organized. The new versions of this section is at SummerCampWhen and SummerCampWhere

  • other events should be taken into account. please add all relevant meetings for coordination
  • the rough idea is about a 5 days of programme or so (it should at least be longer then the travel time)
  • The PGA meeting takes place 23-29 July in Belgrade and it was proposed to do it shortly afterwards

visa issues (legal racism)

  • due to visa issues the meeting can take place in spring/early summer the earliest, with a minimum of 8 months after finding a place to allow enough people to know about it, and to apply for visa
  • the meeting should take place outside the EU, because visa might be obtained easier in other places
  • Slovenia is finishing it's preparations to become an EU member, so Croatia is taking the role of the most western non-Schengen country. This will surely affect the visa system and border controls. You can see current visa policy at

Other events to be taken into consideration

where + main organising hosts

This site has been re-organized. The new version of this section is at SummerCampWhere

  • a first proposal was at Vis (Croatia) at the Samogor camp where also the Summer Source Camp took place. It seems like a suitable space for about 100 Indymedia activsts. It has proven to be suitable for children as well, it's outside the EU and can be reached by ferry from Split, Croatia as well as from Italy. Does anybody has contact information for that place?

    • someone (javier?) said that Indymedia Belgrade supports this, I just came back from Belgrade, where the next Peoples' Global Action European conference will be held between the 23rd and 29th of july next year. The IMC belgrade people there thought it would be great to have the IMC Europe afterwards in Croatia. The week before there is a festival in Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and everyone there agreed it should be avoided to clash with it, as lots of Balkan activists would be there.
    • contact with IMC Croatia
  • more on Samogor, Vis, Croatia - probably not possible (unless indymedia buys out a tobacco company wink we need to investigate disposability of samogor. last information i have is that tobacco company wanted to buy it. i believe i'll have more information in few days, so i'll let you know (ivana EuroCommwork040119)
    • it's an ex-military camp built by yugoslav army, currently in possesion of town of vis. since 2001 it was hosting otokultivator (summer school of culture) with 200-300 participants. in 2003 mi2 and tacticaltech organised summersource. the biggest event organised there so far was a meeting of european architecture students, with, IIRC about 500 participants.
    • to get some impression of life in the island, you can read a short summersource report on
    • theoretically speaking, it would be ideal location for indymedia summercamp. however, there are few issues that need to be clarified:
      • it might not be available (bought by a tobacco company)
      • because Slovenia will be in the EU from 01.05.2004, border controls in Croatia may get tougher - see http://www.mvp.hr/eng/4-3-vizni-sustav.htm
      • apart from people from imc athens, local volunteers are surely needed to help organise the meeting. during the summer island usually suffers from the lack of water, so it should be someone who knows a lot about infrastructure in samogor.
  • monteparadiso squat in pula, istria:
  • lamparna in labin, istria:
    • pros:
      • nice space for workshops and presentations, hosted art servers unlimited two years ago
    • cons:
      • AFAIK no internet connection;
      • not sure how active they are lately;
      • no place to sleep
  • town of pioneers near Zagreb
    • http://www.nazor.hr/
    • it's in the surbubs of zagreb, and now it's a youth camp..., it's cheap, and they are interested in summercamp, so we could even get a discount.... infrustructure functions well there..., so majority of problems would be solved...
    • all kinds of facilities available (big conference room, cinema room, sport resort)
    • suitable for seminars, meetings and educational activities
    • bed + breakfast = 135 kn, 165 kn - with all 3 meals (1E = 7.7kn), discount to be discussed
    • the only question that remains is if we're ready to pay for it...
* Greece - probably Sivota, Indymedia Athens proposed a cooperation (EuroCommwork031018) as they are organizing a meeting for Balkan and Mediterranian IMCs
    • To avoid conflict with the Olympic Games in August, when travel will be difficult, IMC Athens recommends shortly before the PGA meeting 23-29 July
    • arguments against Athens/Greece:
      • people from outside EU will have difficulty or impossibility (Iraqis) getting there
    • arguments for Athens/Greece:
      • IMC Athens is willing to host.
      • Greece would be a great place to visit :).
    • likely camp place in greece:


This site has been re-organized. The new version of this section is at SummerCampWhen

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa events
July 2004
        1 2 3 "last week June" http://trans.hackmeeting.org
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 indy summer camp??
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 eclectic tech carnival Jul 11-18 Belgrade -> women tech camp
18 19 20 21 22 23 24 probably ImcOceaniaConf2004; festival Mostar (Bosnia-Herzeg.)
25 26 27 28 29 30 31 PGA meeting 23-29 July
August 2004
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 indy summer camp??
8 9 10 11 12 13 14  
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Olympic Infotainment 13-29 Aug. 2004

22 23 24 25 26 27 28  
29 30 31          

Content ideas

some first ideas:

"What I would like to do, is to organize a nice, big event that goes beyond telling one another about our problems with rassist postings, but an event that gives us space for more general discussion and that can spark of new ideas and projects as well.

What I envision would be an event with about 4 days of programme including a range of
  • information exchange (what are the biggest problems of the local IMCs, the most successfull projects), experiences with regionalisation,
  • internal debates on global issues of the Indymedia network (process issues, experiences from different summits etc),
  • debates that go beyond it (like the the politics of open source software, or the ethics of reporting), and
  • workshops on all the skills that we have among ourselves (technical issues, secure internet use, setting up a readio stream, video editing, conducting interviews, writing features, facilitation)
  • enough space for spontanous meetings, smaller debates, meetings of those that already work together in global working groups (like software development or translation)"

Relevant email (threads)


All ideas are just first ideas. If we decide to go ahead with it is will be key to ask all local IMCs that we want to reach about their needs and wishes for such an event. In addition the different events where Indymedia volunteers will come together (ESF, national meetings, etc) should be used as prepartion meetings to identify relevant issues.

other meetings

  • twiki (in german language only) for local imc meeting, 31 okt - 02 nov 2003, bregenz, austria: AustriaTreffenOktober2003 - discussions on a next europe meeting or the idea of an imc summer camp will take place

boundaries to bridges caravan

the idea to have a meeting together with local imcs from europe, middle east, and africa includes also exchange between this regions. therefore here some links to the boundaries to bridges caravan:

-- ClarA - 01 Oct 2003: added link to N5M page

-- SrI - 01 Oct 2003 - boundaries to bridges

-- ClarA - 30 Sep 2003

-- GarconDuMonde - 05 Jan 2004 - added blurb about ImcOceaniaConf2004 * Vis (Croatia), other ideas and criteria, dates of other relevant meetings

* Finances?

* Outreach?: First Questionnaire and replies to it

* Organizers?: meeting notes * Vis (Croatia), other ideas and criteria, dates of other relevant meetings

* Finances?

* Outreach?: First Questionnaire and replies to it

* Organizers?: meeting notes ImcOceaniaConf2004

-- AnNa - 04 Mar 2004 added 'etc' to calendar
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