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Money should not be the reason why people come, so we will try to get funds for travelling costs. This will be a lot of work, so we ask all local IMCs to contribute in this efforts, and in the discussion of how to distribute the money that we might get.

  • A draft letter to be used for fund raising still needs to be written.

  • Criteria to judge whether possible funding sources are acceptable.

  • Possible sources? Add your ideas with information, contact details and your name so that we can follow them up

  • Who should get how much? Who should pay how much? a discussion that still needs to be started... (examples of other meetings: eyfa's approach etc)


an first list of ideas and not agreed upon so far... please add ideas

  • "we will accept any sources of funding that can be simply classified under 'good people'..."

  • "i think taking funds is ok if there is nothing attached to it. such a bending in how we describe what we do, accepting to be used to improve the funders image or any danger of getting dependent."


* in general: every organisation that is into issues like left politics, journalism, democracy in Eastern Europe, Middle East and/or Africa, women and media, women and technique * proposals from NL: check with Eyfa for what they spend, Mama in Zapgreb has good contacts with Soros (idea and contact possible through ASCII ppl in NL), XminY (funds a lot of Indymedia projects already), Mama Cash (for women's issues), Dutch Journalist Association, Press Now (media in Eastern Europe), IFEX, Reports without Borders, hivos

-- ClarA - 14 Mar 2004
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