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Why and what?

Please add your own ideas of why we should meet and what you would like to do below and we will try to work them in.


  • share experiences (G8, WSIS, WEF DAVOS, etc) - IMC Geneva, Switzerland
  • practical knowledge exchange in a simple way


Instead of endless big plenary rounds there will be working groups, skill-sharing workshops, and discussion.

Working Groups - Hands-on working groups instead of talking only

  • dispatch system
  • translation tool
  • criteria for topic sites and other new projects
  • outreach: how to help setting up new IMCs?
  • How to facilitate a meeting? (face-to-face, IRC)
  • Registering domains: is there a safe way to deal with the informal hierachy between the domain owner, the techies and the rest?
  • Setting up a system for a more coherent exchange and translation of videos

Skill-sharing Workshops - Learning new skills

  • audio and video streaming
  • audio and video software
  • video editing, filming
  • feature and article writing / creative-writing
  • basic html
  • facilitation/moderation of face-to-face and online meetings
  • use of twiki and irc
  • pgp/gpg
  • learning imc-software technics and administration (i.e mir)
  • ...

Diskussion topics

  • the present and future of Indymedia as such
  • why is network communication so slow in Indymedia?
  • why do people think they need technical knowledge to join Indymedia
  • gender issues: why does Indymedia draw so few women?
  • spam filtering, censorship and open publishing
  • ...

Presentations, films etc

  • post-war Iraq - IMC Baghdad
  • films on G8 and former actions - IMC Geneva, Switzerland
  • good parties
  • ...

Unsorted collection of ideas - Add your's!

  • to exchange ideas

  • to get faces to the names

  • "i think it's a good idea to have workshops. maybe also something non-tech? personally i'd like to have discussions about the future and the status of indymedia (as i'm sceptical), but I guess that many are tired because this topic gets discussed (without results) every time."


  • "i'd be interested in talking about communication. why is network communication so slow? why do many not participate? how can we improve decision making? by talking about the special effects of virtual communication, and the role indymedia has as a 'technical project'. why does it draw so few women? so few people who are not mainly joning because they're interested in computer stuff?"

  • "editorial issues, how do the collectives solve their problems within the collective, if new people are joining, and if women are participating in the collectives. Workshops: "everything from technical stuff 'till how to write a "correct" review", conversations over the network's projects, exchange of experiences, translation teams, technical issues, gender issues, workshops for ppl wanting to learn mir, conversations about how to get the users more involved, setting up infrastructure (media centers, wireless networks)"

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