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IRC meeting 15 feb, facilitation boud, notes clara

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Agenda (unsorted):

  • what's up with croatia
  • which imc's will come
  • what kind of meeting
  • when and where? standalone, back-toback etc
  • whether/how to fid out what other IMCs want?
  • which people are onl looking and who really wants to oraganize soemthing
  • expectations
  • funds


clara: about 5 days, with a programme of working groups, skill sharing and general discussion, about 100 people

other think more of 50 people, and about 10 imcs, 5 days will be too long for some people

ilias: not a meeting to "decide" things or expect "solid results", and only 1 or 2 general discussions

chrisc: 5 days might be to short for organizers who need to put up stuff and networks and take them down, no desicion making, there are enough issues

libby: if we agree on "not decision making then it should be open to individuals as well as

chrisc: have it not only open to individuals, but to other activists as well

ivana: give indymedia priority, otherwise we will spend a lot of time on other issues

clara: not an European Indymedia-meeting, but europwe,middle east, africa. focus on indymedia

LA: So there are three primary issues: (a) How long will take (b) How many indys should participate as a minimum (c) Which place could fit the needs.

clopy: (a) think we can agree that a 5-day meeting with 3 tight scheduled days is ok, so people that can come only for 3 days will see enough. (b) I think it's definetely going to be more than 10 imc's but there is no way of measuring exactly the amount. (c) any place can fit the needs, it only depends on how many people can work on this project from that place

blue proposes to write a new questionnaire. libby: it whould include the possibility that it can be answered by individuals as well, and a question on who wants to help organize

some discussion on who should come: individuals, liasons, non-imcistas

clara: disagreemet with synthesis: (1) aknowledge the need to make 5 day programme so that people can also only join for 2, but don't fix that now, (2) individuals and not liasons, (3) focus on indymedia issues.

agrement on scrapping "liasons" from the discussion, but aim for individuals ?

some discussion on "discussion serious issues": libby: i don't think we shoudl exclude more serious and usefull discussions, we should make a program that is attractive to the largest possible group of imc people, combining general discussions, time to socialise and some more focused things like skill-sharing and an nice brainstorm on outreach, broadning the imc public, alos to eople without access to computers for instance. but i think it is possible to comnine all that into something that will satisfy most expectations

apparent agreemnet on "no liasions", no decision making, but serious issues on the agenda

elipdea: not making it a call for non-Indymedia people, but welcome them if they come; libby: i think we should be "broad" in attracting people in the sense that we shouldn't exclude people from imc-collectives in the making and people interested in imc

clara: proposal: use wiki to develop ideas about how a meeting should look like further, and to rewrite the questionnaire

-- ClarA - 15 Feb 2004
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