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Notes from IRC meeting 16:00-19:30 GMT 15.02.2004

See also SummerCampMeetingNotes2

Full IRC log: http://docs.indymedia.org/twiki/pub/Local/SummerCamp2004Old/irc-log-15-02-2004.txt

Agenda (unsorted):

at 17:00 GMT - 23 people on IRC from thess, athens, poland, beirut, sweden, UK, nl, croatia,

  • 1 what kind of meeting
    • 5 days
      • 2 days chosen to be for most important issues (so people with not much time can focus on this part) - first 2 or last 2 days (e.g. weekend)
      • next 3 a bit more relaxed
    • who inviduals from many IMCs
      • no need for "liaison" idea since no decisions will be made
      • non-IMC people can come
        • i think we should be "broad" in attracting people in the sense that we shouldn't exclude people from imc-collectives in the making and people interested in imc; I think we must not make a call but If ppl want to come, they r welcome
    • strictly focus on serious indymedia process issues
      • no "decisions" to be made
      • proposals could be made, of course, but not decisions
      • in other words, meeting does not claim "legitimacy" to represent euro/west asia/africa imc's, but does try to seriously discuss process isssues
      • celle-se objects to focussing on serious process issues
    • serious issues
      • outreach - or like what we can reach more people that don't use indyemdia at all
      • indymedia - money

  • 2 which imc's will come
    • at least 8 IMCs in IRC meeting today
    • some non-EU = beirut, iraq, madiaq
    • enough to need non-EU venue

  • 3 place - what's up with croatia
    • place must be baby-friendly (at least 2 pple with babies likely to attend)
      • if there are washing area's with room to put a baby changing cushion, on a table pfreferably,
      • also it can not be too far away from a doctors
      • and it must have child-safe areas where they can play without getting electrocuted or poisoned or they cannot fuck up the network while we're not watching for a second
    • some updates added to SummerCamp2004Old

  • 4 when and where? standalone, back-toback etc
  • 5 whether/how to fid out what other IMCs want?
  • 6 which people are onl looking and who really wants to oraganize soemthing
  • 7 expectations
    • more or less covered in points 1,2

-- BouD - 15 Feb 2004
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