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12 April 2004: 16 GMT


1 results of the questionnaire are at SummerCampRepliesSecond

    • as you can tell from the overview there seems to be a preference for a 5 day camp in croatia
    • *SummerCampWhen and roughly half of the imc's would like it to be around the pga conference
    • quite a few people want to come a few days early or stay a bit longer to help prepare the actual camp on the site
    • how many people - should we estimate about 100 people from now on? taking those into account that won't be able to come and those that didn't send a mail back?
      • the poisson error on 100 people is 1 standard deviation = 10 people, so 150 would be 5 st deviations
      • proposal to ask for replies from ppl by a certain date when we send out a proper invitation with time and place, and check regularly on the number of replies - and then decide what to do if we go way beyond our estimate - seems to be consensus

2 who is an official, committed volunteer who will check that things that need to get done are done

    • was clara, libby, celle, boud (from 7.05.04),
    • people who can do a given, individual task
      • ab_scotland, ant_leeds_athens, ...
    • however:
      • clara_nl decides that she will not put more work into a meeting that does not have a location, too few organizers and difficulties in communication, clara_nl I am officially out of this organisation hereby
      • Libby-nl i don't thik i want to continue, summer is two months away and we haven't mooved a step since october last year

2b who-locally

    • not much enthusiasm in IMC Croatia apart from glitch,
    • glitch does not want to be along in taking all the responsability for local infrastructure for the summercamp

2c where-locally

3 preparing some proposals that we propose on imc-europe:

    • default decision-making method:
      • e.g. 14 days consensus with blocks possible only from IMCs, not individuals

4 when: around PGA: for example Thursday 15 to Tuesday 20 Juli

    • 5 strong preference for Croatia:
      • Zagreb - normal visitor place at about 20 euro/day/person
      • Pula in combination with thk - zero cost, but too dirty for babies

6 money: draft letter, funding sources, mail to all IMCs in question

  • not discussed

  • 7 visa: draft letter
    • unclear if there was any point since the people who had offered to do fundraising are disappointed with the organising results/style

-- ClarA - 12 Apr 2004
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