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WHAT'S BEEN CHANGED AndiE: Added the web and contact details of Wales IMC. Added the process list with wording of what it does, and revised the wording of 'other groups' to 'local groups'. Moved LWG details into the header 'Local Groups'. See mail on There is no process in place when and how to change the live contact page after changes have taken place in this Twiki - still the live page has been changed by LWG members after updating this Twiki so I do the same. RichardMalter writes: makes sense - this is just straightforward information about groups, workspaces, and the respective contact information for them.

10thJuly PlanetMail Below Version *to go live*
Removed "UK" from "New UK Indymedia websites are appearing:" and from names of Bristol and Wales
Added contacts for Ireland Indymedia
Changed "Local Indymedia sitescoming soon:" to "Local Indymedia groups hopefully coming soon:"

Described the UK lists more accurately as "shared workspaces". Also because London Working Group does not work in subgroups in principle, it doesn't follow to name them like that. Few small language changes to make more friendly. -- RichardMalter - 28 Sep 2002

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You can contact Indymedia UK in several ways:

If you want to submit a report via email because you have a slow connection
or dont wish to fill in the upload form then mail us at reports. Please be aware that your
mail will be publicly archived, ie anyone can read your mail online.

To take part in general discussions please subscribe to our imc-uk list. This list is
publicly archived, ie anyone can read your mail online.

If you want to get in touch but don't want your mail being read online then mail to the
privately archived contact list - only subscribed members of this list can read
your mail online.

Any proposal for changes on the site, please send to the imc-uk-process list.
This list is publicly archived, ie anyone can read your mail online.

The following IMC UK shared workspaces, 'lists', already exist.

  • Features: communication about middle column stories (publicly archived)
  • Print: work list :(publicly archived, posting by subscribers only);
    and the list for incoming mail (private archive)
  • Video: work list (publicly archived);
    and the list for incoming mail (privately archived)
  • Tech (Publicly archived)
  • Outreach (Publicly archived)

Local Indymedia sites:

New Indymedia websites are appearing:

IMC Bristol - DIY community news service in Bristol(UK)

Contact at:
Please be aware that your mail will be publicly archived, ie anyone can read your mail

IMC Wales - DIY Media site for Wales
Contact at:

There is also an Indymedia Ireland
Contact at:

Local Indymedia groups:

Imc London Working Group

Set up November 29, 2001. An open group for work on the developing Indymedia
network in London, the UK and the Republic of Ireland, both on infrastructure
and content production. To leverage the potential of the media landscape (skilled
people + infrastructure), and to try out a different model of volunteer organization
and function, drawing from our past experiences.
More information and contact at:
We use public archives, ie anyone can read your mail online.

More local Indymedia groups hopefully coming soon: Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Brighton,
Oxford, Birmingham and Liverpool, Glasgow, and more.

Note: When we talk about public archives it means that postings by you can be found
through a search engine (like google) very easily. But even if you think that you
post to a non-publicly archived list it doesn't mean that the authorities are unable
to read it. As long it's not encrypted, email should be thought of as a postcard.
For more info check and click on their 'Resources' link.

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