newswire clerking

features procedure/workflow


revising mission statement

syndication (tech and non)

Okay, I've never done this before but cool.

* Max agreed to Facilitate

* Agreed on Agenda

* Parkingstones (reluctantly) took notes.

* Intros

* Discussed the recent hacks and whether we'd allow HTML in posts.

- Consensus was reached on "Articles and Comments with HTML " John had some

tricks for locking down HTML.

* Subject was changed to Hackproofing.

- After Ana raised the possiblity of someone doing a netowrk wide

vulenerability scan, concensus was reached to focus on US-IMC stuff and to not send out

network wide lists of vulnerabilities over public email lists.

* Subject was changed to Mirroring

- Discussed a load of tech stuff I can't pretend to comprehend at 8 in the


- Discussed where we should have mirror sites.

- Discussed bandwidth conserns.

We reached concensus on using John's server "temporarily" wink

* Subject changed to the banner.

- Discussed having a fixed width site

- Discussed having a "home" link.

Consensus was reached on having a link on both the Indy i and the large

"" would BOTH link to home.

* Subject changed to "syndication"

- Discussed the sites giving bad feature feeds and how many US

sites are participating (only about half.)

- Discussed opening up US-IMC to Puerto Rico IMC

Came to no consensus.

* Topic was changed to espanol

- Ana brought up the latina team that produces all of the spanish content in

the Indypendant.

* Topic was changed to Press

- Discussed to Press Release and what was wrong with it.

- Discussed the need for a quote from an activist.

- At this point the Red Sox broke the curse.

* Topic came to Editorial

- Discussed whether editors will "just use discretion." Checking the log... I

kinda think we concented on this.

That's when I left.

-- MaX - 28 Oct 2004
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